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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Review

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Review

Photo: Hario

The Hario V60 VDC-02W is one of the simplest coffee maker types out there, but it still makes some flavorful and great-tasting coffee thanks to a heat-retaining ceramic body that maintains the water temperature for excellent extraction.

Besides the ceramic construction, this pour-over coffee maker also comes in a perfect cone shape which is not just for aesthetics as it is highly effective in accentuating the coffee grounds with some nice fruity and floral flavor notes for an even more flavorful brew.


  • Excellent heat retention
  • Ensures maximum coffee grounds expansion
  • Easy to use and straightforward to clean
  • Highly affordable
  • Provides easy coffee taste adjustment


  • Smaller coffee making capacity
  • Ceramic construction makes it highly fragile
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Features and Specs

  • Heat retaining ceramic body
  • Cone-shaped for better coffee accentuation
  • Larger hole for easy coffee taste adjustment
  • Designed with spiral ribs for maximum coffee expansion
  • Spacious and comfortable handle

Product Overview

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

Photo: Hario

While the pour-over coffee makers like the Hario V60 VDC-02W might not be the fanciest out there, they still provide a simple and effective way of making coffee. Better yet, when used properly, this pour-over can make some of the most flavorful coffee. And here are some of the things that make it fantastic.

Excellent Heat Retention

Hario makes this pour-over coffee maker from nice ceramic material. Unlike others made from plastic or other material like stainless steel such as the Kalita 5033, it will help ensure maximum heat retention.

With the ceramic body, the dripper can keep the water at the ideal brewing temperature longer to ensure maximum extraction of the flavor oils from the coffee grounds for a richer and more flavorful cup of coffee.

More Efficient Cone Shape

Pour-over coffee makers will typically come in a cone shape, and this is not just for enabling it to fit over the coffee mug or cup perfectly as it is also crucial for the brewing process.

With its perfect cone shape, Hario V60 VDC-02W will be a more efficient coffee maker because this shape makes the coffee more flavorful.

The nice cone shape helps to accentuate the coffee with fantastic fruity and floral notes which results in a more flavorful and refreshing brew that is way much better than what you get with most other coffee maker types.

Easier Coffee Taste Adjustment

One of the greatest shortcomings with most pour-over coffee makers is that they do not allow you to adjust the brew taste easily. But, this will hardly be an issue with this Hario pour-over model.

Unlike many other pour-over drippers that make use of multiple small holes, it will only have one large hole which is designed to make it easy for the user to alter the coffee taste and flavor.

With this coffee maker, adjusting coffee taste only requires you to alter the speed of the water flow. Faster water flow will result in a lighter and more bearable cup while a slower flow provides a bolder and stronger cup of coffee.

Allows for Maximum Coffee Expansion

Coffee grounds need to expand to release the flavor oils that make coffee taste good. For pour-over coffee-making, this occurs during the blooming stage.

Hario V60 VDC-02W has been designed to ensure that the coffee grounds expand as much as possible for a more flavorful and great-tasting cup of coffee.

The maximum coffee expansion when using this dripper stems from the uniquely designed spiral ribs on the interior surface of the coffee maker that give the coffee grounds more room for expansion.

Many other pour-over models including the popular JavaPresse Pour Over will not offer the same benefit given that their interior surface is not ribbed.

Easier to Use

While most pour-over coffee makers are quite straightforward to use, this Hario model will give you an even easier time as there is nothing fancy about it.

It has a simple design and even first time users should be able to hack it without breaking a sweat. All it takes to use it is to add a paper filter on the dripper, pour in your finely ground coffee and then place it over a coffee mug before pouring the hot water to make coffee.

Better yet, like any other typical pour-over, it will give you a more hands-on approach to coffee making as it allows you to fully control everything from the brewing temperature to the brew time.

Highly Affordable

You will not need to spend a lot of cash to get the Hario V60 VDC-02W as it is a highly affordable coffee maker which is typical of most pour-over brewers.

While it is still within the same price range as most other pour-overs in its class, for such a high-quality ceramic model, it is highly affordable, and this is even more so given the ease of use and the quality of coffee it makes.

Also, this pour-over will cost less than half of what you would pay to get other models like the popular Barista Warrior Pour Over.


Q: What is its best feature?                   

A: The ceramic construction is what seems to give this coffee dripper an edge over many other types including the stainless steel Kalita 5033 and the plastic Melitta Pour Over. With the ceramic body, this dripper can maintain the water at the ideal brewing temperature for excellent extraction.

Q: Is this an expensive pour-over?

A: No, this is one of the cheapest coffee makers you can get out there that still makes some fantastic quality coffee. Most pour-over coffee makers tend to be highly affordable and the Hario V60 VDC-02W will only cost a small fraction of what you would pay for a drip coffee maker and an almost insignificant fraction of the cost of an espresso machine.

Q: Will this be hard to clean?

A: No, it is one of the easiest coffee makers to clean up given the simple design and the fact that the ceramic material will not attract any odors or stain. Also, there is not much cleanup to do since it uses a disposable paper filter that you will only need to discard after making coffee and rinse the dripper in the sink.

Q: Should I buy this for small households?

A: Yes, given that this coffee maker makes one cup of coffee at a time it will be perfect for a small household with a few coffee drinkers. For larger households with a high coffee demand, it might not work very well because coffee drinkers would need to wait for others to finish brewing before making their coffee. But given the smaller price tag, you can always buy several of them to meet the demand of larger households.

Q: Will this fit all coffee mugs/cups?

A: Hario designs this coffee dripper for standard size coffee mugs and cups, and so it should fit most cups and mugs that you will typically find in most homes. The holder at the bottom has a maximum diameter of 4.25 inches, and so provided your mug is not wider than this, you should be able to use this dripper with no problem.

Should I Buy this Product?

Hario V60 VDC-02W is a great buy for anyone looking for a well-built and efficient pour-over coffee maker that brews some flavorful and high-quality coffee.

Also, this will be a great buy for you if you want an easy to use and inexpensive method of making coffee at home or prefer a more hands-on approach to coffee-making since you get more control over the brewing time and temperature.

Another reason to give this coffee maker a try is that it is small, compact and portable which makes it easy to pack and carry on your travels.

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