Espresso vs. Cappuccino: Origins, Taste, Caffeine, How to Made

Every coffee lover has that one type of coffee that they always turn to when they need something refreshing to kick start their day. And for a huge chunk of […]

La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional Espresso Machine Review

​The sleek, shiny and attention-grabbing look that is characteristic of the La Pavoni PPG-16 is what steals your attention when first looking at it. But, this manual espresso machine is not […]

7 Best Turkish Coffee Grinders of 2020

Everything about Turkish coffee from the coffee maker itself which is also referred to as ibrik or cezve to the hands-on approach of making coffee has some exotic energy that […]

Breville vs. Delonghi: Specs, Price, Review

DeLonghi and Breville are two of the most popular brands that make regular coffee and espresso machines and each has several models in the market. True coffee aficionados that have been […]

Keurig K55 Vs. K250: Which One is Right for You?

You can almost be certain that there is a Keurig coffee maker out there that will work well for you regardless of your specific needs given the brand’s rich catalog […]

Jura 15145 WE8: Professional-Grade Machine Built to Handle Repeat Brewing

Photo: dealmoon.comWhat We Like Powerful and efficient for heavy usage One-touch function More specialty beverage options Larger capacity water reservoir and bean hopper Smart water filtrationWhat We Don’t Like Relatively […]

Jura 15148 A1: Well-Designed Espresso Machine for the Coffee Purists

What We Like Multiple specialties and brew strength options Efficient thermoblock heating system Height-adjustable spouts Simple and more intuitive controls Energy-saving mode included Uses both whole beans and pre-ground coffeeWhat […]

Jura 15215 D6: A Versatile Small Kitchen Appliance

Photo: surlatable.comWhat We Like Many coffee specialties for versatility Simple one-touch operation Fine foam technology Easy volume and strength programmability Self-cleaning mechanismWhat We Don’t Like A little too munch rinsing […]

Jura 13626 ENA: Ultra-Compact and Elegant Single-Serve Espresso Machine

Photo: top5.comWhat We Like Compact and more stylish Highly energy efficient Conveniently adjustable spout Multiple aroma levels Easy maintenance with an integrated cleaning cycleWhat We Don’t Like No frother and […]

Jura 15097 E8 Review: Incredible Performance Packed in a Compact Size

What We Like More coffee specialty and strength options Efficient 6-level grinder Optimized extraction process Simple controlsWhat We Don’t Like Lower milk temperature Bean feed not very efficientBottom line Compact and […]

Light Roast vs. Medium Roast vs. Dark Roast: Coffee Roasting Level

If you prefer an even more hands-on approach to coffee making, a good idea would be to start your brewing process straight from roasting the green beans. But, besides getting […]

Direct Trade vs. Fair Trade Coffee: Which One is Better?

If you are an avid coffee drinker or are just passionate about the beverage and like to know more about it, the chances are that you have already heard about […]

Ristretto vs. Espresso: Know About Espresso Shot

When it comes to the sweet, highly flavorful and concentrated coffee, nothing beats an espresso, and this should explain its ever-increasing popularity. But, espresso is not the only option here […]

Glass vs. Thermal Carafe: Which One Should You Choose?

As you are shopping for a coffee maker, there are many things that you need to take into account, and key among them is the kind of carafe that you […]

Burr vs. Blade Grinder: Which One is Right for You?

If you prefer to make your coffee with freshly ground coffee beans, you will need to invest in a good coffee beans grinder. And when it comes to buying a […]

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