What Is Black Coffee? (Pros, Cons and How to Make)

What Is Black Coffee

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Despite the availability of many other coffee-based beverages, a majority of coffee lovers still prefer to drink their coffee black without adding anything else to it.

Drinking coffee black allows you to enjoy all the rich flavors from the coffee beans as additives such as milk and sugar can cover up some of these flavor notes.

Also, with black coffee, you get the full dose of caffeine in the coffee because adding anything else to your beverage can dilute it which means you end up with less amount of caffeine.

But, despite being the most popular coffee type, many people still do not know a lot about black coffee and even how to make the perfect cup of black coffee.

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What Is Black Coffee?

In its most basic definition, black coffee is a simple coffee that does not contain any sweetener or lightener. This coffee type forms the base for a variety of other coffee-based beverages, and it will consist of only two ingredients which are ground coffee and water.

With black coffee, you get to enjoy the full-bodied flavors that come from the coffee beans, and while the taste is an acquired one, you will hardly want any other coffee type once you get used to this coffee.

Traditionally, black coffee was prepared in a pot but over the years more and more methods of making this coffee have been popping up. And it is vital to note that the kind of method used to make black coffee will significantly affect the taste and overall brew quality.

Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

While many coffee lovers are always looking to try out different kinds of coffee beverages, sticking with your good old black coffee is still a great idea. Besides being quite straightforward to make, this coffee also comes with several benefits.

1. Improved Workout Performance

If you work out often, a nice cup of black coffee can do you a lot of good. Taking a cup of black coffee can improve your overall physical performance drastically which ensures you give the exercise all you have.

Black coffee helps by increasing the adrenaline levels in your blood to prepare the body for the physical exertion and can also by breaking down stored fats in the body which are then introduced to the blood as fatty acids to fuel your body when exercising.

2. Boosts Memory

A decrease in cognitive skills is common for most people as they age. But, drinking black coffee often can enhance brain function and helps delay the onset of dementia and other diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Black coffee will work by keeping your brain active and this, in turn, boosts your memory power. And by keeping the nerves active, black coffee will also help keep dementia in check.

3. Contains Lots of Antioxidants

While most types of coffee will contain antioxidants, black coffee will have relatively more than what you get from others as they have not been diluted by adding other things to your coffee.

With a cup of black coffee, you can be confident of getting important elements like magnesium, manganese, potassium and vitamins B2, B3 and B5.

4. Reduces Stress and Depression

Pressure and tension are part of life for many people as they go about their daily activities, but if you do not keep then in check you can easily get stressed or worse fall into depression.

However, a cup of black coffee a day can be very useful in minimizing the likelihood of this. Taking black coffee when you are feeling low can make things better for you as it boosts your moods by stimulating your central nervous system to increase the production of mood-elevating neurotransmitters like dopamine.

Drawbacks of Drinking Black Coffee

Drawbacks of Drinking Black Coffee

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Black coffee might be very popular and drinking it will come with several benefits. But, like everything else it also has some negative aspects which every coffee lover should know when deciding whether to go for black coffee or try other coffee types.

1. Can Make You Tired

One of the biggest complaints among regular coffee drinkers is that sometimes they end up feeling tired after taking black and other coffee types. Instead of getting an energy boost, sometimes black coffee will leave you tired and this is because it is diuretic that causes you to urinate a lot and hence leading to dehydration which then causes tiredness.

2. Too Much of It Lead to High-Stress Levels

Coffee is that one beverage that most people will always turn to when feeling down or stressed as the caffeine is a stimulant that can help boost your mood. However, taking in too much caffeine like you get in black coffee since it is not watered down by other coffee additives can have a negative after-effect on your overall mood and leave you anxious, restless and more stressed than you were before.

3. Can Cause Heartburn

Black coffee is more likely to be acidic than other common types of coffee like cappuccinos and lattes as the additives in this beverage like milk and sugar help to neutralize some of the acidity. Being more acidic, black coffee can then raise the acidic levels in your stomach which in turn leads to heartburns and acid reflux.

4. Increased Heart Rate

The biggest demerit of drinking black coffee and perhaps most other coffee types is that it can increase your heart rate. The high levels of caffeine in black coffee will stimulate your heart rate causing the heart to beat faster which can have adverse health effects when it happens often. Also, taking in too much caffeine in black coffee can stimulate the nervous system.

Note: The caffeine in coffee will react differently for different people, and so it is not a  guarantee that you will get these black coffee benefits and adverse effects no matter how much you take. While some people might have issues taking in a lot of black coffee some will hardly notice anything.

How to Make Black Coffee

It should not come as a surprise that making black coffee is quite simple given that it is one of the most basic types of coffee and anyone can make it with ease. And there are different ways of making black coffee from pour over to using a drip coffee maker.

Method 1: Pour Over

Pour Over

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What You Will Need

Average Brew Time: 5 minutes

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Boil the water to around 195 to 205 degrees.

Step 2: Setup your pour over by wetting your filter paper, placing it on the dripper and then placing the set over a coffee mug.

Step 3: Add the finely ground coffee on the paper filter.

Step 4: Wet your coffee with a few ounces of water and allow them to bloom for at least 30 seconds.

Step 5: Slowly and steadily pour the rest of the water and your black coffee will drip into the coffee mug below.

Method 2: Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker

What You Will Need

Average Brew Time: 5 minutes

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Start by filling up your coffee machine's water reservoir with the filtered water.

Step 2: Rinse the paper filter with warm water and add it to the filter basket.

Step 3: Add coffee grounds to the filter and then wet them to allow for blooming.

Step 4: Close the lid and place a carafe on the coffee dispenser.

Step 5: Push the start button for the coffee to start brewing and in a few minutes your carafe should be filled with black coffee.


Black coffee is one of the easiest coffee types to make as you can make it fast and easily provided you have ground coffee and some hot water.

But, besides the ease of brewing, black coffee also allows you to enjoy full-bodied coffee with all the nice coffee flavors since they are not diluted or outshined by common coffee additives like milk, cream, and sugar.

Better yet, black coffee also comes with a myriad of benefits from reducing stress and depression to improving your performance when working out. Hence, despite the coming of fancier coffee-based beverages, there will always be a place for good old black coffee.


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