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Takeya 10310 Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

Takeya 10310 Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

Photo: Takeya

Although it takes longer to make than most other kinds of coffee, cold brew is one of the easiest coffee types to make as there is nothing much to do. And it is also often cheaper to make, and this is more so with a highly affordable coffee maker like the Takeya 10310.

Besides being a more affordable cold brew coffee maker, it is also a well-built cold brewer that is made from a durable and BPA-free plastic material that also makes it a safer appliance to use.


  • Highly effective mesh filter
  • More durable, BPA-free pitcher
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Airtight lid preserves coffee flavors
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Brewed coffee is still not as strong as some coffee drinkers would like
  • Does not seem to use all the coffee grounds
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Features and Specs

  • Durable and BPA-free pitcher
  • Effective fine mesh filter
  • Airtight and leak-proof lid
  • Comfortable, non-slip silicone handle
  • Larger 32-ounce coffee capacity

Product Overview

Takeya 10310 Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Photo: Takeya

Cold-brew coffee offers the advantage of being more flavorful and less acidic. And with a well-built cold brew coffee maker like the Takeya 10310, you can easily make some at home. While several things make this a great coffee maker, here are its most outstanding features.

More Durable and BPA-Free Pitcher

Many coffee lovers will typically use household items like mason jars to make cold brew coffee, and while they do a good enough job, they come with the disadvantage of being more fragile.

With this Takeya cold brew coffee maker, you will not have to worry about fragility as it is designed to be tough and highly durable.

Also, unlike other plastic pitchers out there used for cold brewing, the pitcher is made from a BPA-free plastic material which makes it safer to use. And better yet, this material will not give your cold brew any annoying plastic taste.

This pitcher is also designed to withstand high water temperature which means it will also come in handy in case you want to make some hot brew.

Highly Effective Fine Mesh Filter

With the fine mesh filter on this coffee maker, you can easily keep coffee grounds of your coffee as it is more effective in separating the coffee from grounds.

And while it might not give you a cup that is as clean as what you get on a pour-over coffee maker that uses a paper filter like the Hario VDC-02W, it will be cleaner than what you get when using other cold brew pitchers like Toddy THM.

This mesh filter also helps save you cash in the long run as it is washable and reusable which means you will not need to spend money buying paper filters.

Completely Airtight and Leak-proof

It is always advisable to keep your cold brew coffee in the fridge as it is brewing. The only shortcoming with this is that it can easily acquire foreign tastes from other foods in there.

But with the Takeya 10310, this should hardly be a concern as it comes with an airtight lid that ensures this will not happen.

This tight-fitting lid is designed to be completely leak-proof which is also an important feature given that it will help prevent messes when making your cold brew.

Comfortable Silicone Handle

Whether you are making a cold brew or some hot coffee, this will be a more comfortable and safer coffee maker to handle.

Unlike other popular cold brew coffee makers such as the County Line Kitchen FBA_F1002C and Simple Life Cycle CB32 which, for lack of a better word, are typically just large mason jars with lids, this cold brew coffee maker includes a silicone handle on the pitcher.

This handle is designed to be non-slip which prevents accidents, and it is also more comfortable to hold when taking the coffee in and out of the fridge.

Larger Capacity

The larger capacity of this cold brew maker means you can make more coffee in one batch. Given that cold brew coffee takes a long time to brew, this is a great feature as you can make enough to last a few days.

The pitcher has a 32-ounce capacity which means you can make at least four 8-ounce cups of coffee which for regular coffee drinkers should last at least a couple of days.

But, it is worth noting that there are still many other models out there that have a larger capacity than this like the 38-ounce KitchenAid KCM5912SX.

More Affordable

Despite the superior built quality and more convenient features, this Takeya cold brew coffee maker is still fairly priced.

When compared to many others in its class, this is a highly affordable model, and it will only cost a fraction of what you would pay for others like the KitchenAid KCM5912SX. And it is even cheaper than County Line Kitchen FBA_F1002C which is just a mason jar with a mesh filter.


Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes, this cold brew coffee maker is super easy to use and the only significant effort you will need to put in is to make sure you get the proportion of ingredients right. Once you have the right coffee to water ratio, you only need to add them to the respective chambers and leave your coffee to brew for a few hours.

Q: Will this coffee maker take a lot of effort to maintain?

A: No, there is nothing much you will need to do to maintain it besides taking it apart after use and cleaning both the pitcher and fine mesh filter. For most people, this will only take a few minutes as you can easily clean everything in the sink.

Q: Does it make a lot of coffee?

A: Well, it depends on how much coffee you take and also on the number of people you make cold brew coffee for regularly. This cold brew coffee maker has a 32-ounce capacity which means you can make about four 8-ounce cups which for a majority of cold brew lovers should be more than enough.

Q: Can this make hot coffee?

A: Yes, although this pitcher is specifically built for making cold brew coffee, it can still work for hot beverages. The durable plastic material used to make the pitcher can withstand even boiling water and hence allowing you to use it to make hot coffee beverages.

Q: Can It Be Refrigerated?

A: Yes, the Takeya 10310 is designed to allow you to keep coffee in the fridge as it brews since it comes with an airtight lid. You can use it to keep your coffee in the fridge for up to 2 weeks which means you will hardly ever have any wastage when using this coffee maker.

Should I Buy this Product?

For anyone looking to make some richer, stronger and less acidic cold brew, the Takeya 10310 will be a great buy as it will make cold brewing much easier since it comes with everything you need including a fine mesh filter.

Also, unlike when using regular mason jars and many other cold brew coffee makers, you will never end up with a cup of coffee full of sediments as the fine mesh filter does a fantastic job filtering the brewing by trapping most of the grit.

Better yet, you can also use this coffee maker to make hot coffee as it can withstand high temperatures, and the fact that it is also a highly affordable coffee maker is one more reason why it will make a good buy for a cold brew fanatic.

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