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OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Photo: OXO

Any coffee lover that loves the efficiency of conical burrs will be happy to have the Oxo model 8717000 as it comes with some highly durable stainless steel conical burrs which besides grinding efficiently will last a long time.

Also, this well-built electric grinder makes it easy to fine-tune your grind size to suit your coffee making method as it will not only come with 15 clearly marked settings but will also have a handy one-touch timer that allows it to remember your preferred setting.


  • Durable and efficient stainless steel burrs
  • Clearly and conveniently marked grind settings
  • Handy one-touch timer
  • Smaller-footprint and space-saving design
  • Larger capacity and mess-free hopper


  • Not entirely static-free
  • More prone to clogging
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Features and Specs

  • 40mm stainless steel conical burrs
  • 15 easily selectable grind settings
  • Larger 110-gram capacity hopper
  • Handy one-touch start timer
  • Simple, intuitive controls

Product Overview

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Photo: OXO

With a space-saving and highly efficient conical burr grinder like the Oxo 8717000, you can grind your whole beans fast and easily to make a more flavorful cup of coffee. And besides its obvious aesthetic appeal, this coffee grinder still has a lot to offer including the following.

Reliable Stainless Steel Conical Burrs

The stainless steel conical burrs on this Oxo grinder are one of its highlight features given that they are what will do the actual grinding.

These 40mm conical burrs are larger than what you get on other cheaper grinders, and this is meant to ensure faster and more consistent grinding.

Besides creating highly uniform coffee grounds that ensure more consistent flavor extraction, the stainless steel burrs are also more durable than most ceramic ones.

Easily Selectable Grind Settings

Oxo makes this coffee grinder to suit the needs of all coffee lovers by ensuring that you can easily select your preferred grind settings from several options.

While it does not have as many grind setting options as what you get on some manual grinders such as the Mueller Austria Manual Grinder, or the more expensive electric grinders like the Breville BCG820 that allows you to choose from an impressive 60 settings, its 15 settings should still be more than enough.

Better yet, the grind settings on this coffee grinder are also clearly marked and easily selectable to ensure you pick the exact coarseness you want.

Larger Capacity Hoppers

One of the key elements that give the Oxo 8717000 an edge over many other inexpensive coffee grinders is that it offers a relatively larger hopper capacity.

When compared to other popular grinders like the Krups F203, this coffee grinder can grind way much more coffee given that the former has an 85-gram capacity compared to the latter's 340-gram (0.75 lbs) whole bean capacity.

Besides the larger whole bean capacity, this grinder will also include a nice grounds container that can hold up to 110 grams of ground coffee which is more than what you get with many others in its price range.

Mess-Free and UV Blocking Bean Hopper

Besides having a larger capacity, the bean hopper is also well-designed to give users an easy time and also to ensure the coffee beans remain as fresh as possible for a long time.

The hopper has a mess-free design that will allow you to remove it from the grinder without pouring out any of the beans which means you do not always have to leave it on the grinder.

Also, you will not have to worry about UV light damaging the flavor compounds on your coffee beans as the hopper has a nice UV-blocking tint.

Simple, Intuitive Controls

Using this OXO conical burr grinder will not take a lot of effort as it will feature some simple and intuitive controls, and there is nothing much you need to do when grinding.

There is only one knob on the machine that controls everything and what makes it amazing is that it is clearly marked to ensure you will have an easy time using it.

Also, this grinder will include a one-touch start timer that will preserve your last setting to ensure the next time you want to grind coffee you only need to push in the knob to start grinding.

Space-Saving Design

Although the Oxo 8717000 is a feature-rich, well-built and high capacity coffee grinder, it still comes in a compact and space-saving design that ensures it will take up little space on your counter.

This burr coffee grinder is under 12 inches tall, and so it will fit easily under standard kitchen cabinets, and its smaller base dimensions mean that it will hardly take up any significant space on your kitchen.

Moving it around should also not be an issue as it is quite lightweight as it weighs about 4.5 pounds which for an electric coffee grinder is quite lightweight.


Q: Is this an expensive grinder?

A: No, although it will typically cost way much more than what you would pay for the regular manual grinders as most typically cost under $50, for an electric grinder, it is quite fairly priced. What makes its price even better is that it is well-built, and it has more grind settings to ensure you always get great value for money.

Q: Will this grinder be super loud?

A: No, while it might still not be super quiet, it is also not as loud as many others in its class. If you have used a blade grinder at some point you will be amazed at just how quiet this grinder will be. Unless you are close to it, you will not notice any significant noise when it is grinding.

Q: Will it work for heavy coffee drinkers?

A: Yes, if you make a lot of coffee every other day or have lots of coffee drinkers in the house, this coffee grinder will be a perfect buy. First, it does not require any muscle power to grind coffee which means grinding takes little effort no matter the volume. And secondly, it has larger capacity bean hopper and grounds container which means you can grind a lot of coffee at a go.

Q: What sets it apart from others in its class?

A: Many things make this an amazing coffee grinder, but the stainless steel conical burrs are perhaps one of the main ones. These burrs offer more efficient grinding and are also designed to be more durable than the ceramic ones that you will find in many other grinders while also offering more uniform grinds.

Q: Is it hard to clean up?

A: No, this coffee grinder should not take a lot of effort to clean once you get used to it. Both the bean hopper and grounds container are easy to remove and clean on the sink, and they are also designed to be mess-free to ensure they do not give you any extra cleanup work. And the manufacturer also provides detailed instruction on how to maintain the machine which further gives you an easier time.

Should I Buy this Product?

Every coffee lover has specific features to look for in a grinder, but anyone looking for a model that takes the hassle off the grinding process should try out the Oxo 8717000.

For an electric burr coffee grinder, this model is also fairly priced but what makes it a great buy is that it has some highly efficient stainless steel burrs that deliver consistently uniform coffee grounds for optimal brewing.

And to make it even a better buy, this coffee grinder will also allow you to choose from several grind settings which ensure you can use it to make coffee grounds for any brewing methods, and it will also not take up a lot of room in your kitchen.

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