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Ninja Coffee Bar vs. Keurig: Specs, Price, Review

Ninja Coffee Bar vs. Keurig

Single cup coffee makers have been around for a few decades now, and they are always the go-to machine for a caffeine fix for most people as they brew quickly and are also more accessible and affordable.

But, when it comes to these popular coffee makers, many coffee drinkers will often find themselves in a dilemma on whether to go for Ninja Coffee Bar or Keurig.

Ninja Coffee Bar and Keurig are two of the most popular names in the single-cup coffee maker industry, and this has been so for a while now. Although they both make great coffee, one is pod-based and the other is non-pod.

There are still many other differences between the two besides the type of coffee they use, but many people still find it hard to choose. To help make the choice easier for both occasional and regular coffee drinkers, in this piece we explain the differences in more detail.

Comparison Chart

Ninja Coffee Bar


Brew Types

Classic, rich, iced and specialty coffee and café forte

Classic and strong coffee

Coffee Compatibility

Ground coffee only

Keurig pods or Keurig reusable pods

Water Reservoir

50 oz

80 oz

Brew Sizes

Single cup to 38 oz carafe

Single cup to 30 oz carafe

Key Features

Permanent filter, brew strength control, frother, recipe book

Touch screen, reusable filter, customizable brew strength, 3-language menu


Glass, stainless steel and plastic

Plastic an stainless steel

Built-in Frother


Not Included




Ninja Coffee Bar vs. Keurig

There are almost as many Ninja Coffee Bar fans as there are staunch Keurig fanatics, but before picking a side, you need to understand how they differ. 

Here we use features from the leading Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker models (such as the CF112) and top Keurig coffee makers (like the K575) to compare the two top-notch coffee makers.

1. Brand Overview

When trying to choose between two coffee maker brands, the first step should always be to understand what each brand is all about and where it comes from.

Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja Coffee Bar


Ninja Coffee Bar coffee makers are a product by SharkNinja Operating LLC a top manufacturer of household appliances with branches in the USA and other countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, and China. The company has been in business since 1995.

What makes the Ninja coffee makers popular is their versatility as the manufacturer specializes in making machines designed to reduce the number of appliances you need to make great coffee at home.

The company makes their coffee makers with the intention to give coffee aficionados a true coffeehouse experience from the comfort of their home.



Photo: Keurig

Keurig is a subsidiary of the Keurig Dr. Pepper beverage company, and it has been making commercial coffee making machines since 1998. However, the popular Keurig pod coffee maker as it is known today came into the market in 2003.

Now the company concentrates most on making pod-based coffee makers, and they currently have more than 50 different models in the market.

What draws many coffee lovers to Keurig machines is their simplicity and brewing efficiency. Also, the fact that they can make a tasty cup of coffee in a surprisingly short time and are more user-friendly are added bonuses.

2. Appearance and Materials

Given that the appearance and the material used to make a coffee maker will always be the first elements that draw your attention, it is important to know what these coffee makers look like and how they are made.

Most Ninja Coffee Bar coffee makers including top models like the CF112 are usually made with glass, plastic, and stainless steel components, and will have a modern and stylish overall appearance.

Keurig machines, on the other hand, will mostly feature a plastic and stainless steel construction with no glass components. When it comes to the appearance, Keurig coffee makers are more futuristic and will have a sleeker and more modern look than the Ninja Coffee Bar.

3. Coffee Compatibility

The coffee compatibility is one of the main differences between the Ninja Coffee Bar and Keurig given that one is pod-based and the other is non-pod.

Keurig is the pod-based coffee maker, and it will only work with Keurig k-pods or their reusable k-cups. But, the reusable k-cup compatibility means that you can still customize things like the coffee beans roast and grind size that you use.

Ninja Coffee Bars have a filter basket that accommodates coffee grinds, and so you will never need pods or capsules. With these non-pod coffee makers, you can easily customize your coffee drinks and they can also brew other things like cocoa and tea.

4. Brew Types

Given that every coffee drinker has a specific preference when it comes to the brew type, it is always better to go for a coffee machine that gives you a variety of options to choose from.

When it comes to the brew types, the Ninja Coffee Bar takes the day given that it offers more options than Keurig.

With a typical Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker, you can make classic coffee, rich coffee with creamer or milk, iced coffee, specialty coffee for lattes, cappuccinos and other beverages, and the cafe forte which is a strong and flavorful black coffee.

But, take note that Ninja’s model CF112 will only have 4 brew type options while other models like CF091 and CF097 which are more expensive will give you 6 brew type options.

Keurig, on the other hand, will only have two brew type options which are classic and strong coffee even on their top models like K575. However, most of their coffee makers will also dispense hot water.

5. Brewing Capacity and Size

Ninja Coffe Bar coffee makers will provide multiple brewing capacities depending on the particular model that you are using.

Some Ninja coffee models like the CF112 will provide a standard cup, XL cup, travel mug, and XL multi-serve which ranges from 9.5 to around 18 oz. For the specialty coffee, the serving size is 4 oz while with the cafe forte you will get an 8 oz cup. And if you are brewing into a carafe you can get a brew size of up to 38 oz.

With Keurig coffee makers, the standard brew capacity is between 4 and 10 oz while the sizes are between 12 and 16 oz when brewing into a travel mug and anywhere between 22 and 30 oz for a carafe.

Given that you can make up to 38 oz of coffee with a Ninja Coffee Bar, it has a slightly higher brewing capacity than Keurig’s 30 oz maximum carafe brew size. However, the difference is not very noticeable.

6. Water Reservoir Capacity

The water reservoir will depend on the particular Ninja or Keurig coffee maker model that you are buying given that they come in different sizes.

Top Keurig coffee makers such as the K525 and K575 will have a water reservoir that can hold up to 80 oz of water. And these tanks are also designed to be removable for easy refilling and cleaning.

With Ninja Coffee Bar, on the other hand, their top models like the CF112 which also happens to have the largest water reservoir among their coffee makers will only hold a maximum of 50 oz.

Hence when it comes to the water reservoir, it is clear that Keurig takes the day as it will hold more water to allow you to make more cups of coffee before you need to refill.

7. Outstanding Features

Coffee makers from the two brands will have certain outstanding features that most of their users seem to love and are perhaps what makes many buy them.

Ninja Coffee Bar

For Ninja Coffee Bar, some of these key features include a permanent filter that eliminates the need to buy paper filters and go through the hassle of replacing them every now and then.

Also, with these coffee makers, you get a hot and cold milk frother that will be a great addition for anyone that loves coffee-based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos. With the built-in milk frother, you can easily steam and froth milk which is luxury that you will not get with Keurig.


While the affordability and conventional method of making coffee are what many coffee lovers seem to like most about Keurig Coffee makers, there are still a few other outstanding features that set the brand apart from the Ninja Coffee Bar.

Key among these features is the larger touch screen display that you get on most of their modern coffee makers and it is meant to make the machines easier and more convenient to control. Also, Keurig provides a 3-language menu to suit a variety of coffee lovers and more easily customizable brew strength.

Which One Should You Buy?

The choice between Ninja Coffee Bar and Keurig will ultimately boil down to your preferences and priorities as a coffee lover.

If you are looking for something more conventional that offers convenience and speed, then Keurig’s pod-based coffee making method is your best bet.

But, if you are the kind of coffee lover that prefers something more versatile, flexible and with richer and more customizable coffee flavor, then Ninja Coffee Bar will work best for you.

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