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Nespresso vs. Delonghi: Specs, Price, Review

Nespresso vs. Delonghi

An espresso machine is the best thing that any coffee lover can get given that it takes away the mess and time-wastage from coffee making. With one at your disposal, a simple push of a button is often all it takes to make your favorite brews.

But, with espresso machines, choosing a good model from the many options in the market can be hectic. And this is more so when it comes to deciding whether to go for DeLonghi or Nespresso.

What makes things even more confusing when it comes to the Nespresso and DeLonghi choice is that the latter also has their own line of Nespresso coffee makers in the market. Hence, DeLonghi makes Nespresso coffee makers but not all Nespresso machines are from DeLonghi.

To make things clearer, below we highlight a few things that set apart the DeLonghi brand from Nespresso.

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Comparison Chart




Switzerland, 1986

Italy, 1902

Coffee Type Used


Whole beans, ground coffee, capsules/pods


Under 1 minute

Under 5 minutes

Integrated Hot Milk System

Not Included


Average Water Tank Capacity

40 oz

60 oz

Average Prices

Under $100-$500


Nespresso vs. DeLonghi

There is no doubt that Nespresso and DeLonghi are two of the most famous brands in the coffee maker manufacturing industry. But the difference between the two is not always that clear given that DeLonghi also makes machines that use Nespresso pods.

But, other companies like Breville and Krups also make Nespresso machines and even Nespresso themselves also has various models of coffee makers that use their special pods and capsules.

All in all, what all this means is that if you are on the market for a single-serve espresso coffee maker, you can get Nespresso compatible machines from DeLonghi and several other top brands.

1. Origin and Overview

To truly understand Nespresso and DeLonghi and hence know which one to go for the next time you are shopping for a coffee maker, you first need to understand their origins.



It is amazing that Nespresso has only been around for a little over 3 decades and now has a huge share of the single-serve coffee maker market.

Nespresso originates from Switzerland, and it is an operating unit of the larger Nestle Group. The coffee making system was first invented by Eric Favre, a Nestle employee in 1976 but it did not get a lot of market success.

However, the design was further refined and improved before being tested in the Japanese market in 1986 where it was an almost instant success. The company then introduced the coffee making system to Switzerland and other European countries. 

Nespresso brewing system became very successful in the 1990s which led to the company signing contracts with several companies including DeLonghi to start manufacturing them. And this also brought it to the vast US market, and the brand is now available in more than 67 countries.



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DeLonghi is a way much older company than Nespresso given that it has been in the business since 1902 which means it has had more than 100 years of experience making different home appliances.

The company did not start as a coffee maker manufacturer, but over the years these machines have become their best-known products in the market.

Like Nespresso, DeLonghi has several models of coffee makers but what makes them a popular brand is that they also have many other types of coffee makers besides the Nespresso-compatible models.

From bean-to-brew coffee makers to the semi-automatic models with a manual pump and capsule-based coffee makers, there is a DeLonghi machine out there that will suit the needs of almost any coffee lover.

2. DeLonghi Nespresso Coffee Makers

The presence of Nespresso-compatible coffee makers by DeLonghi in the market is where the two brands marry, but it is also the reason why many coffee drinkers find things confusing or are unable to tell the two apart.

With both DeLonghi and Nespresso, the pod-based coffee makers are quite similar in both appearance and features. Also, the brew taste and quality that you would get when you use similar pods to make the coffee will often be almost identical.

However, with the DeLonghi Nespresso coffee makers, there are a few other additions that set it apart from the Nespresso brand coffee makers such as the integrated hot milk system and a larger water reservoir.

3. Integrated Hot Milk System

While the basic principle of operation of the DeLonghi and Nespresso coffee makers is the same, many DeLonghi coffee makers will also include an integrated hot milk system.

This hot milk system consists of a detachable tank that allows you to fill up with milk which is then heated, mixed and frothed for coffee-based beverages like cappuccinos and lattes.

Making milk beverage with DeLonghi coffee makers is as easy as choosing your preferred drink from the preset menu. While you can still make these beverages with a regular Nespresso machine, the process will be a little more tedious as you will have to steam and froth milk separately.

Given that the milk tank on DeLonghi machines is detachable, you can also store any leftover milk in the fridge and cleaning up the tank is also easier.

4. Coffee Type Used

Typically, the Nespresso machines will only allow you to use capsules or pod to make your coffee and most will only use the specific pods manufactured by the company.

With a DeLonghi Nespresso machine, on the other hand, coffee making will also require you to use pods, but most of these machines are designed to be more versatile as some can use other compatible pods.

But, with DeLonghi, you do not have to stick with espresso pods because unlike Nespresso they also have many other kinds of coffee makers for brewing espressos and regular coffee. Hence, when it comes to the coffee types that you can use, DeLonghi is the more versatile brand of the two.

5. Water Reservoir Capacity

The water reservoir capacity for both DeLonghi and Nespresso coffee makers varies from one model to the other. But, in most instances, DeLonghi coffee makers will have a larger tank than what you get on the Nespresso brand machines.

A typical DeLonghi coffee maker like their popular ESAM3300 has a water reservoir capacity of 60 ounces which is way larger than what you get from popular Nespresso coffee makers which will hardly have a water reservoir that is larger than 40 ounces.

Other more expensive DeLonghi coffee makers will have water reservoirs with a capacity of up to 80 ounces. And this means that with a DeLonghi coffee maker, you can make more cups of coffee than you would with Nespresso machines before having to refill the reservoir.

6. Speed and Convenience

If you want fast and convenient coffee making, a regular Nespresso machine should give you an easier time than the DeLonghi coffee makers.

With Nespresso, making your coffee or a couple of shots of espresso will only require you to pop in a pod and push a button and your coffee will be ready in seconds.

When using DeLonghi, the process will take a little more time given that most of these machines will take at least 50 seconds to heat up compared to the under 30 seconds heat up time of Nespresso coffee makers.

However, given the built-in hot milk system, DeLonghi is the more convenient option for those coffee lovers that always crave for creamy and smooth cappuccinos and lattes. Their coffee makers will also make these milk-based beverages faster than many other coffee machines out there.

7. The Price

When you compare Nespresso machines from companies like Krups and Breville and the DeLonghi coffee makers, you will find that they are way cheaper.

For example, Krups has several Nespresso machines such as the Essenza Mini that will retail for under $100, but it is a farfetched idea to expect to get a DeLonghi coffee maker that retails for under $100.

With DeLonghi, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 to get a good coffee maker that uses Nespresso pods or the bean-to-brew types.

However, if you are specifically shopping for a Nespresso machine, you can get basic ones that still make great coffee for under $100. But, the top-notch models with a large water reservoir will cost anything between $100 and $500.

Which One is Better?

Whether you opt to go for a DeLonghi or Nespresso machine, you can be confident that you will have an amazing coffee maker that will make some delicious coffee and also serve you well for many years.

For most coffee lovers, the choice between the two often boils down to one's preferences. And while many already know what they prefer, the choice can still be quite tedious for some coffee drinkers.

However, if you are shopping for something more versatile with a larger capacity and is perfect for making milk-based coffee beverages, DeLonghi is the brand for you.

But, if you are one of those coffee lovers that value the convenience of single-serve pod coffee makers and want a more affordable coffee maker, Nespresso machines are a better option.

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