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Moccamaster vs. Bonavita: A Comparison of Drip Coffee Maker Brands

Moccamaster vs. Bonavita

If like a majority of coffee aficionados you prefer drip coffee over the many other types, you will need to get a good drip coffee maker and when shopping for one, you are likely to have to choose between Moccamaster and Bonavita.

There is no doubt the two are the most popular drip coffee maker manufacturers around the globe, and they are both known for making some high-performing and top-notch quality coffee makers. While you would still be okay regardless of what you pick between them, it is important to know how they differ to make an informed decision.

Moccamaster by Technivorm is the older of the two brands, and it had dominated the market for many decades before the coming of Bonavita which besides offering top quality products also brought into the market drip coffee makers at a more affordable price tag.

But, the two brands differ in much more than the price tags, and in this piece, we provide an in-depth comparison to help potential buyers choose between the two.

Comparison Chart






Build Quality and Materials

Superior quality with aluminum and other high-quality materials

Good quality but mostly made from plastic




Brew Basket

Open Design

Closed Design

Thermal Carafe

Yes, 1.25 L

Yes, 1.25 L


5 years

2 years

Starting Prices



Moccamaster vs. Bonavita

A few years ago, Moccamaster was the go-to brand for anyone looking for a top-quality drip coffee maker, but the coming of Bonavita changed things and now it is no longer the only good option.

However, a huge chunk of coffee lovers still swear by their old Moccamaster and will not even want to try anything else. But, for those that are just buying their first machine or have tried both Moccamaster and Bonavita, the choice is not always that obvious.

The only way to make the selection an easier or at least a more informed one is to know what each brand has to offer and their origin is a good place to start.

1. Overview and Origin

Over the last few years, a majority of drip coffee makers sold in the market have been either Moccamaster or Bonavita given that the two brands control a huge chunk of the market. But, despite their popularity across the globe, these brands have quite different backgrounds and come from different parts of the world.




Moccamaster is the older of the two brands given than it has been in operation for around half a century since it started its operation in 1969.

This line of coffee makers is made in the Netherlands by the Dutch company Technivorm, and they are top-end coffee machines that are built to provide lifelong service. They are often considered the best in their class and because the company values quality over everything else, it only has 6 models on the market despite having been around for quite a while.

For the coffee drinkers that are conscious about their impact on the environment, you will be happy to know that Technivorm only uses biodegradable and recyclable material when making their coffee makers.

The only shortcoming with the Moccamaster coffee makers and perhaps what many coffee lovers complain a lot about is the hefty price tag given that they are some of the most expensive drip coffee makers on the market.




Bonavita drip coffee makers are designed in Germany but made in China. Also, the company is American, and besides coffee makers, it is also known for a wide variety of other appliances and products.

Bonavita is fondly referred to as the "Technivorm killer" given that it offers equally good coffee makers at around half the price. But unlike Moccamaster, they do not seem to put a lot of emphasis on the materials used to make their coffee makers as they tend to be mostly plastic.

One of the main selling points for their coffee makers is the pre-infusion function that ensures that coffee grounds can bloom before extraction for a better coffee flavor. Also, these coffee makers will have U-shaped filter baskets and larger showerhead for maximum coffee grounds saturation.

2. Build Quality and Materials 

The build quality and material used to make Moccamaster coffee makers is what sets it apart from Bonavita and most other brands and is one of the reasons many people still buy them despite the high price tag.

Moccamaster coffee makers are built to last a lifetime and are made with Dutch technology and under strict quality standards only using high-quality materials like aluminum for the body and copper heating elements and with little to no plastic components.

Bonavita, on the other hand, designs their product in Germany but makes them in China, and so they will look relatively cheaper and with more plastic parts. But, for their smaller price tag, they are quite durable, and this is more so when compared to other brands besides Moccamaster.

3. Showerhead

The showerhead plays a crucial role when making coffee, and so you should never overlook it when choosing a coffee maker. Both the Moccamaster and Bonavita have some nice spray heads that are effective enough in ensuring maximum saturation of the coffee, but they are designed differently.

With Moccamaster, the spray head is always a sturdy and durable metal that you can move over the grounds manually to ensure you get the saturation you desire. For some users that do not like having to intervene in the coffee-making process, this can be a turnoff.

For Bonavita, the showerhead is an automatic one, and so you only need to set and leave it to do everything for you, and it sprays the coffee quite evenly which means it will give you an easier time. Hence, for the showerhead, Bonavita seems to have an edge over Moccamaster.

4. Brew Basket

Moccamaster makes up for its showerhead shortcomings with a more convenient brew basket. Its brew basket has an open design at the top which allows you to get in there and stir the grounds if you want to. Also, the brew basket includes a unique mechanical slider that restricts the flow from the bottom, and you can choose to either open it completely, open halfway or close it completely.

In contrasts to what you get on the Moccamaster coffee makers, Bonavita ones will have a closed top brew basket that means you will not have access to your coffee grounds when brewing. However, because the showerhead is designed to ensure full and even saturation, you will not even need it.

5. Thermal Carafe

You cannot make drip coffee without a carafe as you need something to hold the coffee. Despite the fact you can always replace the carafe with something better if it can fit, this is an extra cost, and so you will want a machine that comes with a good carafe to save you the hassle.

Both coffee makers will come with 1.25-liter thermal carafe, but they are designed differently. Bonavita's thermal carafe is glass-lined, and it also includes a tight-fitting lid which means it will hold the temperature quite well. But, the most notable disadvantage is that you have to remove the lid to place the cone filter basket when brewing which is extra work for you.

With Moccamaster, the thermal carafe will often not be glass-lined, but it still holds temperature well, and it is also super easy to pour as you will not need to push any levers or special actions.

6. Warranty and Reliability

While both Bonavita and Moccamaster will last a long time when properly taken care of, for the sake of comparison, the latter will last way much longer given the superior build quality and top-notch materials.

If you were to choose between the two brands using reliability as the sole factor, Moccamaster by Technivorm will be your best pick. The coffee makers will not die out on you any time soon and will hardly ever break, and so you can use one for a lifetime.

The warranties are also a good indication of the quality as the Moccamaster coffee makers will come with a 5-year warranty while Bonavita provides a 2-year warranty for their products.

7. Price

For anyone shopping on a budget, the Moccamaster will not do you any good as it the pricier brand of the two with most of its product retailing for around double of what you would pay for a Bonavita coffee maker.

While the actual prices will depend on the coffee maker model you are buying, Moccamaster coffee maker prices start at around $300 while for Bonavita you will pay at least $150, but most of their coffee makers hardly sell for more than $230.

Which One is Better?

There is no clear answer for which brand between Moccamaster and Bonavita will be better for you as this will depend on various factors such as what you are looking for and your budget.

But when it comes to the build quality and reliability, the Moccamaster coffee makers are your best bet. Besides the high-performance, they are also highly durable and will provide a longer lifespan than most drip coffee makers out there.

However, if you are not ready to spend a lot of cash on your drip coffee maker and want something with a more modern look and features, Bonavita will work well for you. The good thing about Bonavita is that despite the smaller price tag, it still makes a nice cup of Java.

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