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La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional Espresso Machine Review

La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional Espresso Machine Review

Photo: La Pavoni

The sleek, shiny and attention-grabbing look that is characteristic of the La Pavoni PPG-16 is what steals your attention when first looking at it.

But, this manual espresso machine is not all look as it also performs as good as it looks thanks to the fast heat-up time that is attributed to the top-notch quality and highly efficient solid brass boiler.


  • Faster heat up
  • Quieter brewing operation
  • Highly efficient dual frothing system
  • Super durable overall construction
  • Sleek and shiny finish


  • Relatively expensive when compared to other models
  • Longer and more tedious brewing process
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Features and Specs

  • Efficient solid brass boiler
  • Handy internal thermostats
  • Dual frothing system for milk-based beverages
  • 16 double espresso shots capacity
  • Comfortable and durable rosewood handle

Product Overview

La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional Espresso Machine

Photo: La Pavoni

Manual espresso machines like the La Pavoni PPG-16 provide a more hands-on approach to espresso-making, but they are not all made the same as each always seems to have some things that make it special. For this model, here are some of its special features.

Durable and Reliable Boilers

The boiler is one of the most crucial elements of any manual espresso maker as it controls and moderates the temperature of the water which ultimately comes into contact with the coffee grounds during extraction.

Hence, the fact that this model has two means that it will be more efficient at extracting espresso from the ground coffee. The two boilers are also made with solid brass which not only makes them more efficient but also more durable.

These boilers will deliver faster heat up to speed up the espresso-making process and will also come with a built-in thermostat to make temperature monitoring and control easier.

While it is still possible to make espresso manually without a boiler, cheaper models that do not use boilers such as the Flair Espresso Maker are not always very efficient and will come with extra work.

Efficient Dual Frothing System

Besides pulling some fantastic quality espressos, this espresso machine will also allow you to enjoy other espresso-based beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes just as you would with automatic espresso machines.

And this is thanks to its efficient dual frothing system that will allow you to froth the milk you need to make your milk-based beverages. Just like with the espressos, the dual frothing system will give you more control over the milk frothing process, and so you can easily tweak the froth you end up getting.

Larger Capacity

While this manual espresso maker might not have a capacity that is as high as what you get with other espresso makers like the 4-group commercial-grade models, it has a larger capacity than most others in its class.

La Pavoni PPG-16 comes with a 38-ounce boiler capacity which means you can make up to 16 double espresso shots.

Comfortable and Durable Handle

The handle on your manual espresso machine plays a crucial role, and it will affect the ease and convenience of use of the espresso machine.

Unlike the inexpensive models with an all-steel construction that can have a hard and uncomfortable handle, this espresso machine will come with a sleek rosewood handle. Besides adding to the aesthetic appeal of the machine, this handle is also more comfortable to hold and use.

It is Worth the Extra Cash

High-quality espresso machines do not come cheap, and this is more so when buying the manual models like the La Pavoni PPG-16.

While it is true you can get some good enough models like the Flair Espresso Maker and ROK Espresso GC for a little over $100, to get a true barista-like manual espresso-making experience, you need to spend more cash.

Although this La Pavoni model will cost way much more than what you pay for the two above, in the end, it will be worth it as it is not only more durable but also more efficient and will make better quality espressos once you master how to use it correctly.


Q: Is this manual espresso machine expensive?

A: Yes, for most coffee lovers, this espresso machine will be quite pricey, and this is more so given that you can get other manual models for a fraction of what you pay to get it. However, for an authentic and classic manual espresso machine designed to give you more control over the brewing process and deliver some flavorful espressos, it is worth the cost.

Q: How easy is it to use?

A: Like any other manual espresso machine, the La Pavoni PPG-16 comes with a learning curve, and it will typically take most people several trials and errors to perfect the brewing technique. But, you can be certain that once you get the hang of it, you will be able to make some highly flavorful espressos.

Q: Can this make a lot of coffee?

A: Yes, as per manual espresso machine standards, this model makes quite a lot of coffee. When compared to other manual models like the 8-cup La Pavoni EPC-8, the 38-ounce boiler capacity on this espresso machine is quite good as it means you can make up to 16 double espresso shots which are more than enough even for heavy coffee drinkers.

Q: Is it a noisy espresso machine?

A: It depends on how you look at it and what you are making. If you are pulling a simple shot of espresso, you will hardly even notice the sound that this machine makes. However, if you are using it to froth milk for your cappuccinos and lattes, it will be super loud. Also, it is worth noting that since this is a manual espresso machine, it will not make any mechanical or humming noise when in operation which means it is at least quieter than regular automatic espresso machines.

Q: How long will it take to pull a shot?

A: Just like when using the regular espresso machines, most of the time goes to heating the water when using the La Pavoni PPG-16. Depending on the quantity of water in the boilers, the heat up can take up to 10 minutes. However, the actual shot pulling will be under 1 minute just like with automatic espresso machines.

Should I Buy this Product?

For the true espresso fanatics that want maximum control over every aspect of making their favorite brew, nothing beats a top-quality manual espresso machine like the La Pavoni PPG-16.

With this espresso machine, you will not only get a more efficient machine with a faster heat-up time but also an equally efficient dual frother system that will help you make some nice froth for your cappuccinos and lattes.

This espresso machine will cost way much more than regular espresso makers and even other simple manual espresso makers. However, in the end, it will be worth the investment as it is the kind of machine you can be confident of using for a long time thanks to its highly durable overall construction.

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