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Keurig K525 vs. Keurig K575: Which is Better for You?

Keurig K525 vs. Keurig K575

Keurig’s method of releasing products can often be confusing even for coffee drinkers that have been using their machines for ages.

Unlike many other brands, with Keurig, a higher model number does not always mean a more advanced product. And this will explain why many coffee lovers will often confuse models like Keurig K525 and the K575.

But with the K525 and K575, the confusion mostly stems from the fact that the two are almost identical coffee makers in appearance, features, and performance.

To help you know what you are buying when picking one of the two, below we compare them side by side and also explain the few things that set them apart.

Table of Specs & Features

Keurig K525

Keurig K575

Product Line

Keurig 2.0

Keurig 2.0


2.8 inches XL color touch display

2.8 inches XL color touch display


10.4 x 13.4 x 13.6 inches

10.4 x 13.4 x 13.6 inches

Strength Control



Auto On



Brew Speed

Under 1 minute

Under 1 minute

Brew Sizes

4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 22 oz, 26 oz, 30 oz

4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 22 oz, 26 oz, 30 oz


80 oz

80 oz

Water Filter Kit

Not included


Reusable My K-Cup

Often Included

Not included

Keurig K525 vs. Keurig K575

When looking at the Keurig K525 and K575 side by side, you will hardly notice any difference between them given that they have identical dimensions and even weigh almost the same. 

Also, the aesthetic appearance cannot be used to tell them apart given that both coffee makers come in a sleek and contemporary look that will enhance any kitchen décor.

Other things like the size of the display, coffee brew sizes, and the reservoir are also the same given that both come with 80-ounce removable water reservoirs. Both Keurig coffee makers will also come with auto on function and have temperature and strength control.

Keurig K525 and K575 also share the same internal components and also Keurig’s nightlight settings and customizable wallpapers.

All these similarities mean that the two are the same machine in both specs and aesthetics, and so picking between them will be a tall order even for true coffee aficionados. But, there are still a few points of departure that should make the choice easier.

Key Differences

Given that the K525 and K575 are almost identical in features, brewing capability and aesthetics, you can be confident that you will have a great coffee maker regardless of which one you pick. But, if you are finding it hard to choose, the following are the key differences between them.

1. Reusable My K-Cup

In many instances, most retailers will include the reusable My K-Cups with the K525 but the K575 will not come with these reusable cups.

Keurig’s reusable My K-cups are quite popular with coffee drinkers that use these machines because they allow them to customize the grind size and also the flavor of the coffee they use.

Besides being able to use different coffee beans roasts, reusable k-cups are also more environment-friendly since you will not need to throw them out after every use.

There are many other advantages that come with these reusable cups, and this explains why they are a big deal for most Keurig users. However, the good news is that although the K575 does not come with the reusable cups, they are widely available and cheap, and hence this should not be a deal breaker.

2. Water Filter Kit

The water filter start kit is the most significant thing that sets these two amazing coffee makers apart given that the Keurig K575 includes it in the pack while the K525 does not have it.

If you live in a hard water area, the inclusion of a water filter starter kit on the K575 makes a huge difference for you given that you need to filter water to make great tasting coffee.

But, for those that live in hard water areas and already have a water filtration system in place, the filter kit might not make a huge difference, and so it would be a wise decision to stick with the more affordable K525.

Also, a filter start kit for the Keurig 2.0 series only costs a little over $10 and hence you should weigh how much more you are spending on the K575 and determine whether going for the K525 and buying the filter separately will give you better value for money.

3.  Price 

What you pay for either the K525 or K575 will depend on where you are buying given the different pricing policy among different retailers. However, the K575 is relatively more expensive amongst most Keurig products retailers.

Given that the two are almost identical coffee makers, the price difference mostly stems from the addition of the water filter starter kit to the K575. In essence, Keurig is also selling the water filter to coffee buyers but making it part of the K575 package makes it more easily sellable.

If you find the price difference between the two is almost negligible as it is in some online retail sites, going for the K575 will give you better value for your cash given that you are also getting a water filter.

Note: There is no physical difference between Keurig K525 and K575 coffee makers, both machines are simple to use, have a large color touch screen, have a fully programmable digital clock, include temperature and strength control and also both look good and make some delicious coffee in under 1 minute. The only notable difference is the water filter starter kit.

Which One Should You Buy?

What you choose between the K525 and K575 will ultimately depend on your preferences because ultimately many coffee lovers will only choose a product they like.

But if you are shopping on a tighter budget, the K525 will be your best bet given that in most places it will retail for a significantly lower price than K575. And to make it even better it will still provide all the features you get on the K575.

However, if you live in a place where the water is hard or not very clean, the K575 is your best bet given that it comes with a water filter kit and you will not need to go through the hassle of buying a filtration kit.

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