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Jura 15215 D6: A Versatile Small Kitchen Appliance

Jura 15215 D6 Review


What We Like

  • Many coffee specialties for versatility
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Fine foam technology
  • Easy volume and strength programmability
  • Self-cleaning mechanism

What We Don’t Like

  • A little too munch rinsing
  • Relatively louder

Bottom Line

The Jura 15215 D6 is a basic but reliable top brand espresso machine that provides 7 specialty options. Also, it is more affordable, takes up less space and is straightforward to use.

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Jura 15215 D6 Review

Jura 15215 D6

Photo: Jura

While Jura espresso machines are often known for their hefty price tag, the company still has some basic and relatively more affordable models like Jura 15215 D6.

And despite being on the low tier of their price scale, this is a versatile machine that makes up to 7 specialties and still maintains the sleek look, advanced features and ease of operation the brand is known for.

Better yet, this small espresso machine also offers decent capacities with a 63.6-ounce water reservoir and 7.1-ounce bean hopper capacities.

Brewing System: Simple and powerful

If you have used a Jura machine in the past, you should know that the manufacturer seems to pay a lot of attention to the brewing system to ensure it is as efficient as possible regardless of the machine model. And like with most of their machines, the Jura 15215 D6 makes use of several components to deliver one of the most efficient and fasted brewing systems.

Starting the process is an Aroma G2 grinder that is characterized by some perfect cutting angles to ensure fast and consistent grinding of the coffee beans for efficient extraction. This grinder is also highly effective at preserving all the flavor oils in the coffee, and it will not burn it.

But, the star of the show when it comes to the brewing system is the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP). This unique Jura technology optimizes the extraction time to ensure you always end up with the full array of flavors from your coffee beans. It ensures the extraction is done in pulses for more authentic flavors and aroma, and it will provide the finest espresso quality you can get in a super-automatic machine.

Like any other typical Jura espresso machine, this D6 model also has the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS), which will be very useful at ensuring you always get the best from your preferred coffee roast and blend.

The only possible drawback with the brewing system is that it only has one thermoblock heating element, which can sometimes lead to delays, and this is more so when making milk-based brew as you will need it for both brewing and steaming milk.

Coffee Quality: Variety of brew options in a few simple steps

Despite the relatively smaller price tag, this espresso machine will still provide more than enough coffee specialties and other adjustment options to ensure that the coffee quality that you get will be under your control.

The 7 specialties will range from espresso and cappuccino to hot water, which means that you should be able to make any typical coffee beverage on this machine.

That said, you also get to choose from 4 adjustable coffee strength options and 2 programmable brewing temperatures. And better yet, you can do all this at the touch of a button and in a few simple steps.

While still at the coffee quality, it is hard not to mention the fine foam technology as it seems to give this espresso machine an edge over many others in its price range. Fine foam technology allows you to get rich and creamy milk froth for your macchiato, lattes cappuccinos, and various other beverages. And for even more versatility, you can easily interchange it with other Jura milk frothers.

Design: High-quality workmanship with clean lines

Quoting the manufacturer, “The D line is characterized by simple, clean lines and high-quality workmanship”.  This machine still maintains the classic Jura look but with some modern touches to make it even more pleasant. And with 2 finish options, which are piano black and platinum, it should be easy to get something to go with the décor.

This machine is also designed to take up relatively less room as it is only 11 inches, which is fairly compact when compared to many other Jura machine, and it means it will also be an ideal choice for small spaces. Also, it has convenient frontal controls, a couple of parallel coffee spouts and a milk output spout next to them.

The design also incorporates a conveniently adjustable spout that users can move between 2.6 and 4.4 inches. What this means is that it can easily accommodate a variety of cup sizes from tall glasses to smaller cups. This adjustable spout will help ensure you maintain a nice velvet crema and also prevents messes.

Ease of Use: Smart and simple operation

The frontal controls on the Jura 15215 D6 are all about making operation easy. Besides being easy to locate thanks to their convenient placement, they are clearly marked and easy to understand even for first-timers.

For the controls, you will get a plain text display and a rotary switch, which makes the machine more intuitive to operate. And the plain text display will provide an 11-language option to ensure you get to use your espresso machine in a language you understand best, and so it will not restrict you to English operation only.

With the inclusion of the Bluetooth Smart Connect functionality, this will also be a smarter espresso machine as you can also pair and operate it with your phone or tablet.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Incredibly easy

One of the areas where Jura espresso machines hardly ever disappoint is when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The manufacturer always tries to make the process as effortless as possible to give coffee aficionados an easy time. Jura 15215 D6 lives up to this expectation as it makes use of a self-cleaning function for fast and easy cleaning.

Self-cleaning allows the machine to rinse itself automatically before and after use, and hence eliminating the need to remove your brewing unit or keep messing with the internal mechanism as you try to clean up the machine.

Also, this machine will allow users to decide whether to use traditional descaling methods or Claris filters, which further makes maintenance more effortless.

For the filters, it has an intelligent water system that detects the filter automatically using wireless technology to let you know when you need to change it.

Value for Money: Cheaper but still premium quality

Jura 15215 D6 is on the lower end of the scale of the Jura espresso machine price range. If you are shopping for a premium-quality Jura coffee machine but do not have a lot of money to spend, this will be a perfect choice for you.

While it will cost less than half of what you would pay for others like Jura 15093 Z6, it still maintains the premium quality the company is known to produce.

This and the fact that it not only makes some amazing coffee quality and offers you a wide variety of specialties will ensure you get a good value for your bucks.


Despite being a little louder, Jura 15215 D6 is a more affordable machine that provides enough specialties and solid build.

The ease of operation with intuitive controls and Bluetooth connectivity makes this Jura machine a pleasure to operate. It will also take up relatively less room in your kitchen countertop, and given its smaller price tag, it is unquestionably worth buying.


  • Product Name: Jura 15215 D6
  • Product Brand: JURA Elektroapparate AG
  • Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 11 x 13.6 inches
  • Specialties Options: 7
  • Built-In Grinder: Yes, Aroma G2 Grinder
  • Water Tank Capacity: 63.6 oz.
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 7.1 oz.
  • Warranty: 2 years
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