How To Make Espresso With Aeropress ( 6 Easy Steps)

How To Make Espresso With Aeropress


Since coming into the market a little over a decade ago, the AeroPress has been one of the most popular types of coffee makers and many users prefer it over many other methods for its ease of use, versatility, and affordability.

Also, the AeroPress is one of the few hand-operated coffee makers that you can use to pull some amazing shots of espresso, and it is also highly portable which means you can use it to make your espressos from almost anywhere.

But while using this coffee maker is quite straightforward, you cannot pull that perfect shot of espresso if you do not know what to do. And to help you make the best AeroPress espressos, below we provide a step by step guide and highlight everything you will need.


As you are preparing to make an espresso with your AeroPress, you will first need to choose the right beans for your brew. And while a medium to dark roast is always the best for espresso, you can still go with any other roast you prefer.

Also, make sure that you have other things that are necessary but easy to overlook such as a burr grinder and kitchen scale. A burr grinder will be a crucial part of the coffee-making process as it will help you achieve the fine grind required.

What You Will Need

Average Brew Time: 6 Minutes

Step by Step Instructions

Make Espresso With Aeropress

Like any other coffee making machine, the AeroPress comes with some detailed instructions on how to make coffee. However, these are often for making regular AeroPress coffee. If you want to make espresso using this coffee maker, here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Measure and Grind your Coffee Beans

The first step in making AeroPress espresso will be to measure and grind your coffee beans. While you can still use pre-ground coffee, nothing beats using freshly ground coffee beans.

Using a digital or any other accurate kitchen scale, you should measure around 21 grams of coffee beans and add them to your burr grinder. Grind the coffee beans into a fine espresso grind consistency which will be a little finer than sea salt.

Step 2: Heat You Water

Because this is a manual coffee-making method, you will need to heat your water separately in a kettle or saucepan. And while this might seem simple, it is important to pay attention to the water temperature as it will affect the extraction greatly.

Like many other coffee-making methods, the optimal brewing temperature will be around 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit which you can easily attain by boiling water and letting it sit for around 15 seconds.

Step 3: Setup the AeroPress

As your water cools down to the desired temperature, you should use these few seconds to set up your AeroPress coffee maker. Here you will need to rinse one of the paper filters and then insert it on the filter cup. Rinsing the filter not only warms it up but prevents a papery taste.

Next, insert the filter cup to the bottom of the AeroPress before pouring in your finely ground coffee. Now make sure that you tamp the grounds adequately so that they can be packed compactly before placing the second filter on top, but also wet it with some warm water first.

Step 4: Add the Hot Water

By the time you finish setting up the coffee maker, the boiled water should have cooled enough to the desired temperature and you can now add it to your AeroPress. There is no special skill or technique that will be required here.

However, it is always recommended to first bloom the coffee by adding a small amount of hot water. Blooming helps get the coffee grounds ready for brewing by releasing the carbon dioxide but it is not always necessary.

And once the coffee grounds have bloomed you can now slowly pour the rest of the hot water.

Step 5: Press to Pull the Espresso

The next step is to press down the AeroPress to pull your shot of espresso and to do this, you will first need to place the coffee maker over a coffee mug or cup.

With the coffee maker over a mug, slowly push down with one hand while the other holds the appliance to keep it sturdy. Keep pushing the plunger down until you have squeezed out as much coffee from the grounds as possible.

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

You can now transfer your espresso to your favorite demitasse or shot glass and make sure you do it slowly and keenly to preserve the lovely crema. Also, you can customize it how you like by making cappuccinos, lattes and other espresso-based beverages.


1. Feel free to tweak with various coffee ingredient ratios to get an espresso that suits your liking from the AeroPress.

2. In case you find the espresso a little too bitter, try making your coffee grounds coarser

3. When plunging the AeroPress, do not force it if it is too hard as you will make a mess. Instead, you should adjust your grind size.

4. Always make sure you store the plunger separate from the AeroPress to prolong the life of the rubber seal.

5. For a perfect crema on your AeroPress espresso, make sure you use the freshest coffee beans possible.


You do not need to invest in an expensive espresso machine to enjoy some refreshing espressos as you can also make one or a couple of shorts with inexpensive manual methods like the AeroPress.

But, despite this inexpensive coffee maker being quite easy to use, you still need to know what to do for a perfect brew. Luckily it is quite a straightforward process as you only need to grind your coffee beans finely and then press hot water through them on the AeroPress.

And while this piece highlights the key steps involved in making espresso with AeroPress, it is important to note that it takes some practice to perfect, and so you will likely need a few trials.

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