How to Make Double Brewed Coffee ( 2 Methods with Step-by-step Guide)

How To Make Double Brewed Coffee

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It is always nice to add a new coffee-making method to your arsenal as a coffee aficionado as it gives you more options on the brews that you can make.

If you are on the lookout for a coffee-making method that will give you a stronger and more flavorful coffee, you need to learn how to make double-brewed coffee.

Despite the fancy name or what the term might imply, this coffee-making method is not that complicated and if you know anything about brewing coffee, you should be able to pull it off with a little effort.

But before we get to learn how to make this amazing coffee, it is also worth knowing what this coffee is all about and some of the benefits you can get from double-brewed coffee.

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What Is Double Brewed Coffee?

Double brewed coffee is a type of coffee that is typically made by brewing your cup of Java twice to enhance the flavor and increase the quantity of caffeine. But, you can also make the coffee by using more coffee grounds (at least double) than you would normally use.

While brewing coffee twice can be a little tricky for some people given that it can bring out an overly bitter flavor, you should still be able to make some nice double-brewed coffee with a little practice.

Benefits of Double Brewed Coffee

Benefits of Double Brewed Coffee


Coffee aficionados will not just make double-brewed coffee because it sounds interesting. Rather, many make it as it has various benefits that you might not necessarily get from regular coffee. These double brewed coffee benefits include the following.

1. More Flavorful Coffee

One of the main elements that are making double brewed coffee increasingly popular is that it is generally more flavorful than regular coffee.

The double brew time means that there is more time for extraction, and so more flavors are extracted from the coffee beans which results in a stronger flavor for the final brew. But, you will only get this benefit if you do it correctly because poorly brewed double brew coffee will have more of the undesirable flavors.

2. Higher Caffeine Content

If you are one of those coffee junkies that are always looking to get as much caffeine as possible from their cup of Java, double-brewed coffee will be a great choice.

With the longer extraction time involved when making this coffee, you will also end up getting more caffeine out of your coffee. But, contrary to what some people believe, the caffeine content will be higher but not double of what you get from regular coffee.

3. It is great for Iced Coffee

With the stronger flavor coffee that you get, it will also be possible to add ice to your brew without worrying about watering down the flavor, and so double-brewed coffee is one of the best for iced coffee.

Also, the stronger flavor of double brewed coffee makes it ideal for other additives and sweeteners like milk and creamer. And this is because you can add almost as much of these additives as you like without losing that distinctive coffee taste.

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How to Make Double Brewed Coffee

Now that you know what double brewed coffee is and some of the benefits you can get from it, the next important thing is to know how to make it. And while perfecting the technique will take some getting used to, it is still quite easy.

There are two main methods of making this coffee which are using double the coffee grounds and brewing the coffee twice using the same or different methods.

Method 1: Brewing Coffee Twice

Brewing Coffee Twice


The first method is where the coffee gets its name from, and it will entail brewing it twice. With this method, you can make coffee with a combination of two coffee making methods such as drip coffee, French press, and percolator.

What You Will Need

Step by Step Directions

Step 1: Start by making coffee as you would normally do on your drip coffee maker, French press or percolator.

Step 2: Once the coffee is ready, place it on a carafe and rinse out your coffee maker thoroughly.

Step 3: Next set up your coffee maker again and ready it for brewing, and if you previously made the coffee on a drip coffee maker, you should now set up your percolator or French press.

Step 4: For the second round of brewing, use the coffee you brewed previously in place of water.

Step 5: When ready the coffee should now be double brewed. Serve and enjoy.

Important Notes:

1. It is always a better idea to start with the drip coffee maker and do the second round with percolator or French press as this produces a bold and more flavorful cup.

2. Regardless of which method you use for your first brew, doing the second with French press will leave you with one of the richest double brewed coffee.

3. When using a percolator for both rounds of double brewing, always give the basket a few minutes to cool down before doing the second round as a hot one can mess up your coffee flavor.

4. Try to use the drip coffee maker only for the first round because with many of these coffee makers some grinds can occasionally make it past the mesh or filter paper and ruin your coffee.

Method 2: Double Coffee Grounds Method

Double Coffee Grounds Method

For those that find brewing their coffee twice too much work or even a little too complicated, there is another slightly easier method which is using double the amount of coffee grounds.

Unlike the other method, here you will not need to pay very keep attention to the brewing method as you should end up with properly brewed coffee if you get the proportions of ingredients right.

What You Will Need

  • Drip coffee maker, French press, percolator or any other coffee maker you prefer
  • 4 tablespoons of ground coffee (regular coffee requires 2 tablespoons)
  • 6 ounces of water

Step by Step Directions

Step 1: If you are using drip coffee maker, fill up your water reservoir but for the other methods you need to heat water to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Next add the coffee beans to the coffee basket in the drip coffee maker or percolator or on the beaker if you are using a French press.

Step 3: Push start button to brew on your drip coffee maker, place percolator over a stovetop or pour hot water over the grounds when using a French press.

Step 4: For a French press, allow for at least 4 minutes steeping time while for a percolator you should give the coffee around 5 minutes to finish brewing and for drip coffee maker things will be a little faster.

Step 5: Once the brew is complete, your double brewed coffee should be ready. Serve and enjoy.

Note: Although French press and percolator can still make some good double brewed coffee when using double the coffee grounds, this method works best for automatic drip coffee makers as you are less likely to get overly bitter coffee.


There are many things that you can do to make your coffee more flavorful but if you want to increase both the flavor and caffeine content simultaneously, double brewed coffee is the way to go.

With double brewed coffee, you can also make iced coffee or lighten your brew without having to worry about watering it down too much, and so it will also allow you to experiment with a variety of coffee additives.

But the best news is that it is fairly easy to make whether you prefer the double coffee grounds or the actual double brew method as all you need is a little practice and patience.

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