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Hario Technica 5-Cup Syphon Coffee Maker Review

Hario Technica 5-Cup Syphon Coffee Maker Review


Hario Technica will not pass for a typical coffee maker as it looks like an experiment straight from the lab, and one of its key highlights are the heat resistant borosilicate bowls which besides being highly durable also help preserve water temperature longer for an excellent attraction.

Also, this siphon coffee maker has been built with durability in mind as it will also feature some almost indestructible stainless steel components such as the stand, filter and the burner cover which are guaranteed to give you a longer service life.


  • Heat resistant bowls
  • Durable stainless steel stand, filter, and cover
  • Pleasant classic look
  • Simple and quite fun to use
  • Makes some delightfully smooth and highly flavorful coffee


  • Coffee making process is relatively slower
  • Still comes with a learning curve
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Features and Specs

  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass bowls
  • Durable stainless steel components
  • Firm grip and stay cool rubber handle
  • Free measuring scoop included
  • Washable and reusable cloth and stainless steel filter

Product Overview

Hario Technica 5-Cup Syphon Coffee Maker

Photo: Hario

For the many coffee lovers that do not have prior experience with the siphon coffee makers like the Hario Technica, it is not always easy to tell what to look for when choosing one. But, like all other coffee maker types, few things make these types amazing and for this model, they include the following.

More Effective Borosilicate Glass Bowls

Glass bowls are an essential component in a vacuum coffee maker as they are where the magic of coffee making takes place. Hence when shopping for one, they are one of the first and most crucial factors you need to consider.

And while what you get on the Hario Technica is still not as tough as other coffee makers such as the Coffee Gator French press which has an all stainless steel construction, it is still good enough.

The borosilicate upper and lower bowls are designed to be completely heat resistant which makes this a more effective vacuum coffee maker as they will help preserve the water temperature for long and also prevent accidental burns in case you touch the glass.

Durable Stainless Steel Components

Besides the effective borosilicate glass bowls, this coffee maker also includes other highly durable components such as the burner cover, frame, and filter.

Many other similar coffee makers out there will use some less durable plastic frames which besides not being very durable can also be problematic as plastic melts easily.

And besides being highly durable, both the stainless steel frame and burner cover are designed to give users an easier time when setting up the coffee maker.

Decent Capacity

Despite being inexpensive, this siphon coffee maker still has a decent coffee making capacity as you can make up to 5 cups at a go.

This might not look like much when compared to other coffee maker models in its price range such as the Hamilton Beach 49980A drip coffee maker that makes up to 12 cups, but for a siphon coffee maker, it is quite good given that many other models make as little as 1 or 3 cups.

Stay Cool and Firm Rubber Handle

You always need to take extra precaution when dealing with anything hot, and so before you buy any vacuum coffee maker, you have to be certain it will be safe to use.

Hario Technica has been designed to be super easy and safe to handle as it will come with a high-quality rubber handle which besides providing a firmer grip also stays cool to touch when making coffee.

Cost-Saving Filters

Every coffee maker you buy will always come with some operating costs which in the long run can be way much more than what you paid for the coffee maker. But, this siphon coffee maker aims to make things cheaper for you.

It will come with high-quality stainless steel and cloth filters which are designed to be washable and reusable to save you the cost of buying new ones now and then.

Also, these permanent filters offer the advantage of more efficient filtration for a cleaner cup of coffee as they will provide two levels of filtration, unlike many other siphon coffee makers that will only have one level.

Fairly Priced

While the Hario Technica is by far still not the cheapest coffee maker out there, it is still quite fairly priced especially when you compare it to other popular siphon coffee makers like the Diguo Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker and Nispira Belgian Luxury Royal Siphon Coffee Maker.

These fancier looking siphon coffee makers will cost several bucks more than Hario Technica. And depending on where you are buying from, they can sometimes cost as much as double its price.


Q: Is this a pricey coffee maker?

A: No, this is quite an affordable coffee maker option thanks to its rather simple design. And although it is still not as cheap as other simple coffee makers such as the French press and pour-over, it will still cost less than your typical drip coffee maker and most other siphon coffee maker models.

Q: Will this work for homes with many coffee drinkers?

A: It depends on the actual number of coffee drinkers in the house and the amount of coffee that every person drinks as this coffee maker will brew up to 5 cups at a go. For typical households, 5 cups of coffee at a go is good enough. Furthermore, the brewing process is not very long, and so you can easily make a lot of coffee within a short time.

Q: Do you need to buy filters for this coffee maker?

A: No, it will come with some reusable cloth and stainless steel filters which you will only need to wash and use again when making coffee. However, they will not last infinitely, and this is more so for the cloth filter. Depending on how frequent you use the coffee maker, you will have to buy another cloth filter sometime in the future.

Q: Will it come with a burner?

A: Yes, this coffee maker comes complete with everything you will need to use it including a burner. The siphon coffee maker comes with an alcohol burner, but it is worth noting the alcohol will not be included, and so you need to buy it separately. Also, you do not have to keep using the alcohol burner if you find it too slow as this coffee maker will still work well with a butane burner.

Q: How hard is it to clean?

A: Cleaning this coffee maker takes some getting used to given that the glass bowls are quite fragile and you can easily break them. But besides having to take a little extra precaution when handling the glass bowls, this coffee maker is fairly easy to clean once you get the hang of it.

Should I Buy this Product?

It is always a great idea to try out new and more interesting coffee making methods and if you are looking for one, a siphon coffee maker like the Hario Technica will be a great buy.

But besides helping you break away from the monotony of using regular coffee makers, the Hario Technica also makes some incredibly smooth and highly flavorful coffee that tastes quite different from other coffee makers.

Better yet, this is also a well-built coffee maker with durable borosilicate glass bowls and some indestructible stainless steel components. And besides also being highly affordable, this siphon coffee maker will save you cash in the long run given that it comes with some durable and reusable filters.

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