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12 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers: The Cheapest Brewing Appliances

As more and more home baristas and regular coffee aficionados seek to get more control over the coffee brewing process, manual coffee makers like the pour over coffee maker are also becoming more popular. Besides the more control over brewing that comes with the best pour over coffee makers, these appliances also help you extract more […]

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9 Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers for Small and Medium Size Family

Although there are many ways of getting your daily caffeine fix, nothing beats having a coffee maker at home. And for the typical small to medium size families, a 4-cup coffee maker is always the best option. The best 4-cup coffee makers are designed to be sleek and compact to ensure they take up little space […]

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10 Best Automatic Espresso Machines (Semi & Super-Automatic)

For the many coffee-lovers, enthusiasts, or even occasional coffee drinkers that aspire to make barista-quality brews from the comfort of their home, an automatic espresso machine will always be a great buy. Having the best automatic espresso machines makes it easy and quick to make all your favorite brews from single shot espressos to lattes, Americanos, […]

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10 Best Nespresso Machines 2019: OriginaLine and VertuoLine

A Nespresso machine is designed to ensure that making your daily cup of espresso is a quick and effortless task that does not require you to have professional barista skills. It is a capsule-based espresso machine with ease of use and user convenience at the heart of its design. With the best Nespresso machine, you can […]

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7 Best Manual Espresso Machines (Spring Piston & Direct Lever)

The manual espresso machine or what many baristas and coffee lovers will also refer to as the lever espresso machine is the oldest high-pressure espresso machine, and it has been in use for more than half a century.With the best manual espresso machine, you always get a more hands-on approach to making your favorite brews. But, […]

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10 Best Commercial Espresso Machines for Café and Restaurant

Whether you are trying to improve the quality of coffee that you sell in your small café, starting a new restaurant or are even a coffee-lover that wants to have some barista-quality brews at home, a commercial espresso machine will be an excellent buy for you. With the best commercial espresso machine, you not only get […]

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