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Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker Review

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker Reviews


One of the things that all coffee drinkers hate most is taking cold coffee which is often a common issue with immersion methods like the French press.

But with this one from Coffee Gator, this will hardly be an issue as it features a vacuum-layered design that ensures your coffee remains hot for up to an hour so that you can enjoy the coffee at your own pace.


  • Thicker and more durable stainless steel construction
  • Vacuum-layered for insulation
  • More efficient double filtration
  • Comes with a free matching travel container
  • Handle remains cool to touch
  • Does not have any easily breakable plastic parts


  • Still does not keep brewed coffee hot very long
  • Slightly bowed bottom does not seem very stable on some flat surfaces
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Features and Specs

  • Larger 34-ounce capacity
  • Vacuum-layered construction
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel material
  • Thicker and heavier sides
  • More efficient and effective stainless steel double filtration system
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Comes with a handy matching travel coffee beans container

Product Overview

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

Photo: Coffee Gator

There is no doubt that Coffee Gator makes some amazing coffee appliances, and this French press coffee maker also does not disappoint as it is well-built and feature-rich to ensure it delivers some amazing coffee. And the following are some of its best attributes.

Vacuum Layered Construction

At the heart of the French press maker, is a vacuum-layered construction which many coffee lovers will appreciate as it solves one of the biggest problems with these coffee maker types which is coffee getting cold before you take it.

Unlike the regular glass and plastic beakers you get with other French press coffee makers like OXO’s Brew Venture model 11181100, the vacuum-layered stainless steel on this one can keep your coffee hot enough for up to 60 minutes.

Stainless Steel Material

Better yet, it is also made with a durable surgical-grade stainless steel material that is thicker and heavier than what competing brands have to offer which ensures it will last longer and can withstand the accidental falls and knocks.

However, it is also worth noting that there are also many other equally sturdy material like the Tristan plastic used to make the Oxo11181100. While this plastic material might still not be as durable as stainless steel, it should still last long enough.

Larger 34-ounce Capacity

The 34-ounce capacity is also larger than what you get with most others in its class, and so you can easily make more coffee at a go. For the price you pay to get this French press coffee maker, most other brands will hardly give you an insulated model that can hold anything more than 27 ounces.

Also, note that for its price it is still possible to get a larger capacity French press coffee maker like the 50-ounce Secura SFP-34DS or the 51-ounce Bodum 1552-01US, but note that despite the larger capacity these French press coffee makers are not vacuum insulated.

Double Filtration System

The coffee you make will also not have a lot of coffee grounds and sediments like with other French press coffee makers as it has a double filtration system, unlike others that have a single one that is not always very effective.

With this more efficient double-filtration system, the brewed coffee has to go through two levels of filtration which means your cup will have fewer sediments and a full flavor. Most French press coffee makers will only have one level of filtration which no matter how efficient it might be means you will almost always end up with some significant amount of sediment on your cup.

However, there are also some other models with even more efficient filtration systems like the Secura SFP-34DS Stainless Steel French press which has a 3-layered stainless steel filter that will trap even the smallest coffee grounds. Better yet, you can also get models with 4-layer filtration like the Cafe Du Chateau PKHTWTR46.5.

Cool Touch Handle

With the stay-cool handle, this will also be a safer appliance to handle even when it is full of piping hot coffee, and so unlike models with cheap steel or plastic handles, this one comes with a decreased likelihood of accidental burns.

Fairly Priced

For a vacuum-layered and highly durable stainless steel with a larger 34-ounce capacity, this French press comes at a bargain. And although it is still not the cheapest stainless steel French press coffee maker it still offers good value for cash.


Q: Is this French press coffee maker expensive?

A: This French press coffee maker seems fairly priced given its high-quality stainless steel construction and the fact that it has vacuum insulation. But, it is still possible to get some other good enough models for even half the price of what you pay for this one.

Q: What is its best feature?

A: Well, this depends on what you look for in a French press. But, for most users, the vacuum-layered insulation is its strongest feature as it keeps the coffee hot for longer, and for others, the durable stainless steel construction is what they love most as it makes the French press highly durable.

Q: Will this work for a household with several coffee drinkers?

A: Yes, this will be a great pick for a house with several coffee drinkers because its 34-ounce capacity means you can make at least four 8-ounce cups at a go which is a good enough capacity for a French press. But, for the heavy coffee-drinkers the capacity might still not be enough.

Q: Can you use it for cold brew?

A: Yes, like most other French press coffee makers, it will be ideal for cold brews. The insulation also helps to keep the water temperature constant but for cold brewing it might not make much difference since a large mason jar would still make good cold brew.

Q: Does this French Press leave a lot of coffee grounds in the coffee?

A: This French press uses a double filtration system which means the ground will go through two levels of filtration and while this is not a guarantee that you will have a 100% sediment-free cup, it can reduce the quantity of sediments you end up with on your cup significantly.

Should I Buy this Product?

If you love French press coffee, this Coffee Gator French press coffee maker is an excellent choice, and it is the kind of investment you will never regret making.

Besides being super strong and sturdy which ensures it will last a lifetime, this coffee maker is also vacuum-insulated which slows down heat loss to ensure you will never have to worry about your coffee getting cold before you take it.

If all this is not enough reason to convince you to give it a try, then the larger 34-ounce capacity, convenient stay-cool handle and the fact that the double filtration gives you a cleaner cup and that it is also fairly priced given its quality should be more than enough reasons to give it a try.

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