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Chemex Classic Series Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Chemex Classic Series Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Photo: Chemex

Chemex was one of the first brands to make the pour-over coffee makers, and their classic models like the Chemex CM-10A is known for a timeless and elegant design that will always stand out in the kitchen.

However, besides the look, this high-quality pour-over coffee maker is also designed to make some highly flavorful coffee with no foreign odors and tastes since the borosilicate glass will not absorb any chemicals or odors.


  • Does not absorb foreign chemicals and odors
  • Larger coffee making capacity
  • Carafe allows for coffee storage
  • Sleek, timeless and elegant design
  • Simple and easy to use


  • A little pricier for a pour-over
  • Glass carafe is quite delicate
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Features and Specs

  • Non-porous borosilicate glass material
  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Larger 10-cup capacity
  • Nice and comfortable polished wood collar
  • Unique silicone stopper to maintain water temperature

Product Overview

Chemex Classic Series Pour Over Coffee Maker

Photo: Chemex

Chemex is one of the most famous coffee maker brands when it comes to the pour-over models, and their Chemex CM-10A is part of their Classic Series which means you can expect nothing but the best service from it. Here are some of its most outstanding traits.

Does Not Absorb Odors or Chemicals

For a glass pour-over coffee maker, this model is as tough as it can get. It is made from a heavy-duty borosilicate glass which besides being heat-resistant is also heavy-duty and durable.

The borosilicate glass will also not absorb any chemicals or odor which is a great feature as it will ensure that the coffee you make will always be free of foreign tastes and smells.

Other pour-over coffee makers made from plastic materials such as the Melitta Pour-Over will make some amazing brews but if not well kept can easily absorb foreign smells and chemicals.

Larger Coffee-Making Capacity

One of the greatest shortcomings with many pour-over coffee makers including popular models like the Hario V60 VDC-02W and Kalita 5033 is that you can only make one cup of coffee at a go.

This can be very restrictive as it means it will take quite some effort and time to make coffee for more than one person. Hence, the fact that the Chemex CM-10A has a capacity of 10 cups gives it an edge over these many other types.

With this coffee maker, you will only need to have enough coffee grounds and hot water and you can easily fix some flavorful coffee for a larger group within a short time.

Simple and Easy to Use Design

As most other types of pour-over coffee makers, the Chemex CM-10A will not take a lot of effort to use as it comes in a straightforward design.

Also, you will not need to brew into a mug or cup as the design also includes a carafe at the bottom to hold the coffee which you can then pour into your favorite mug afterward. And the carafe can also be refrigerated and will allow you to reheat the coffee later.

This coffee maker will also include a uniquely designed silicone stopper that will help keep the water at the ideal brewing temperature for excellent extraction and also vents the steam. And you will not have to struggle holding it as it includes a nice wooden collar that stays cool to ensure safer and easier handling.

To ensure that you will have an even easier time with pour-over coffee maker, it will also be simple to clean up because you only need to remove the stopper and rinse the glass carafe in the sink.

Timeless Elegant Look

The Chemex CM-10A will not just work well but also comes in a striking look that will make it an even better addition to your kitchen.

With this pour-over coffee maker, you get a pleasant appliance with timeless elegance, and it will always warm your heart when using it. And besides the overall appeal of the glass, this pour-over will also come with a nicely polished wood collar with a leather tie to further spice up the appearance.

Fairly Priced

While it is true you can get other pour-over coffee makers such as Hario V60 VDC-02W for half the price (some even cost less) you would pay for this Chemex coffee maker, the quality is not the same.

Although it may appear relatively pricier when compared to these other pour-over coffee makers, the extra cash you pay stems from the fact that it also includes a carafe, unlike the others that offer the dripper alone.

Hence, given you get both a dripper and carafe in one setup, this pour-over will be worth paying the few extra bucks.


Q: Do you always need to make 10 cups at a go?

A: No, although the larger capacity of this Chemex will allow you to make up to 10 cups at a go, you do not always have to fill it up with coffee when you do not want to. You can make 1 or 2 cups if you want to as all you will need is to reduce the quantity of both the coffee grounds and hot water that you use.

Q: Is this an expensive pour-over?

A: When compared to other pour-over coffee maker options out there, this model is relatively pricier. And this is more so given that you can get a basic model for as little as half or even less what you pay for it. But for a top-quality and top brand model that also includes a carafe, it will be worth paying a few extra bucks.

Q: Will it work for heavy coffee drinkers?

A: Yes, this is one of the best options for the heavy coffee drinkers that prefer to use the pour-over method as it has one of the largest capacities you can expect from this type of coffee makers. And given the relatively faster coffee making, you can make carafe after carafe to quench your coffee appetite.

Q: Does it come with filters?

A: No, this coffee maker will not come with any filters, and so you will need to buy them separately. The pour-over uses the uniquely designed Chemex bonded filters which are designed to be more efficient but they are easy to get and quite affordable, and so should hence not be the deal-breaker.

Q: Is this appliance hard to clean?

A: No, despite what it might look like, this pour-over is quite easy to clean and should not take up a lot of your time. All you will need to do after brewing is to first discard the spent filter with the grounds and then remove the collar and stopper before washing the pour-over in the sink. But, you will need to take some extra precaution when handling it because despite the borosilicate glass being tougher, it is still quite delicate.

Should I Buy this Product?

Any coffee lover that has used a pour-over coffee maker at some point will admit that it makes some of the finest quality coffee. With a top-quality one from a reputable brand like Chemex CM-10A, you can make even more flavorful coffee.

What makes this coffee make a good buy is that it is not just a simple dripper as the design incorporates both a dripper and carafe to allow you to brew more coffee which you can store for later consumption.

Also, this pour-over is built with heavy-duty and heat-resistant borosilicate glass that will provide good service for a long time. And the timeless elegance of this pour-over coffee also means it will look amazing in your kitchen which further makes it worth trying out.

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