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Bunn BT Velocity Coffee Maker Review

​You can trust Bunn to have some top quality coffee makers, but the Bunn BTX-B seems to have an edge over many of their other coffee maker models thanks to the unique spray head that is designed to ensure you always get optimal extraction. This coffee maker has also been built with a top-quality stainless steel […]

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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Review

​The Hario V60 VDC-02W is one of the simplest coffee maker types out there, but it still makes some flavorful and great-tasting coffee thanks to a heat-retaining ceramic body that maintains the water temperature for excellent extraction. Besides the ceramic construction, this pour-over coffee maker also comes in a perfect cone shape which is not just […]

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Hario Technica 5-Cup Syphon Coffee Maker Review

​Hario Technica will not pass for a typical coffee maker as it looks like an experiment straight from the lab, and one of its key highlights are the heat resistant borosilicate bowls which besides being highly durable also help preserve water temperature longer for an excellent attraction. Also, this siphon coffee maker has been built with […]

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Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine Review

​Being a more budget-friendly Nespresso machine, Breville’s Essenza Mini is designed to ensure that you can still enjoy some highly flavorful Nespresso coffee without spending a fortune. Besides being a more affordable option, this top quality Nespresso coffee maker also offers the benefit of being more compact and effortlessly portable, and its smaller size also means […]

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