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Bunn BT Velocity Coffee Maker Review

Bunn BT Velocity Coffee Maker Review

Photo: Bunn

You can trust Bunn to have some top quality coffee makers, but the Bunn BTX-B seems to have an edge over many of their other coffee maker models thanks to the unique spray head that is designed to ensure you always get optimal extraction.

This coffee maker has also been built with a top-quality stainless steel hot water tank that ensures it maintains optimal brewing temperature for consistent extraction, and to ensure you get zero waiting between cups.


  • Delivers even and complete extraction
  • Efficient stainless steel water tank
  • Relatively faster brewing
  • Comes with a vacuum insulated carafe
  • Easy to use and simple to clean


  • Carafe design does not allow you to see the volume
  • Can have a foul plastic smell when new
  • Warming plate not included
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Features and Specs

  • Uniquely designed spray head
  • Efficient stainless steel hot water tank
  • 800-watt heater and internal thermostat
  • Under 3-minute brew time
  • Vacuum insulated thermal carafe

Product Overview

Bunn BT Velocity Coffee Maker

Photo: Bunn

With Bunn, it is always about making coffee brewing simpler and faster to ensure you can always get your favorite brew when you need it. And everything about their Bunn BTX-B is just amazing, and it is the kind of coffee maker you will want to have around. If you are thinking of trying out this amazing coffee maker, here are some of the things to expect.

More Effective Spray Head

When using the Bunn BTX-B you can always be confident of full and consistent extraction for highly flavorful brews thanks to its highly effective spray head.

What makes this unique spray head amazing is that it is has been built to ensure even and complete coffee saturation of the coffee grounds which then translates to full coffee flavor extraction.

Efficient Hot Water Tank

Coffee brewing will require water to be heated to a precise temperature to ensure excellent extraction.

Even with the highly efficient spray head, extraction would still not be great if the water temperature is not right, but Bunn takes care of this by fitting this coffee maker with a top-quality stainless steel hot water tank.

Besides being more durable than what you get on other coffer makers from different brands, this water tank is designed to keep water at the ideal brewing temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit which besides ensuring excellent extraction also eliminates wait between cups.

To ensure even more efficient water heat up, this coffee maker will also make use of an 800-watt heater which is quite good for its price, and there is also a handy internal thermostat that makes it easy to monitor the temperature for even more efficient brewing.

Vacuum Insulated Carafe                    

Nothing is more annoying than your coffee getting cold before you get to enjoy it, and something as simple as that has the potential to ruin the rest of your day.

Unlike their other common coffee maker models such as the Bunn BX-D, the Bunn BTX-B ensures you will not have to take cold coffee as it comes with an insulated carafe to keep your brew hot longer.

The carafe will feature double-wall stainless steel construction and with vacuum insulation that will ensure your coffee remains hot for up to 2 hours.

Faster Brew Time

One of the key elements that many coffee lovers seem to love most about Bunn coffee makers like this one is that it makes a full coffee carafe quite fast.

While many other coffee makers from other leading brands will take at least 5 minutes to brew a full carafe of coffee, the Bunn BTX-B only takes 3 minutes to make the 10-cup carafe which saves you a lot of precious time in the morning.

And you do not always need to make a full carafe as this coffee maker will allow you to make fewer cups of coffee if you want to which should even be much faster for you.

More Space-Saving

If you do not have a lot of counter space to spare in your kitchen, you will love this coffee maker as it takes up very little space.

It is only a little over 14 inches tall which means it can easily fit into tight spaces, and it also has a small footprint that will hardly be significant enough for most people. Better yet, it weighs under 10 pounds which means it will also be highly portable.

Relatively Inexpensive

While the Bunn BTX-B might not be the cheapest coffee maker from Bunn, it is still quite fairly priced when compared to others in its class from different brands.

Fancier models like Cuisinart SS-15 which makes almost the same amount of coffee as the Bunn BTX-B and has almost similar features will cost almost double what you would pay for the latter.

However, it is worth noting that many other great Bunn coffee makers come at an even more affordable price tag such as the Bunn GRB but with a smaller capacity and will not make coffee as fast.


Q: Is this an expensive coffee machine?

A: No, this is a more affordable coffee maker by all standards and no matter what you compare it with. And this is even more so given that it is a product from a highly reputable brand that is known for making some top quality coffee makers. But, it is still not the cheapest Bunn coffee maker as the company still has some other amazing models that retail for under $100.

Q: Do you always have to brew a full pot?

A: No, this coffee maker will not force you to make a full carafe when you do not want to which often results in a lot of wastage or coffee getting bitter before you drink it. You can make as little as one cup of coffee at a go as all you will need to do is reduce the amount of water you use, but the manufacturer recommends making at least half a carafe using 24 ounces of water.

Q: Will it be easy to clean?

A: Yes, this coffee maker is quite easy to clean and if you make it a habit to clean it up after every use, it will be even easier. You will only need to clean the carafe in the sink and then run a brew cycle with clean water after discarding the spent coffee grounds. Bunn also provides more comprehensive cleaning instructions including on how to descale the machine to ensure you will have an easy time with it.

Q: Will it include a programmable timer?

A: No, the Bunn BTX-B does not include a timer. Although programmable timers can be highly convenient as you can program them to have your coffee ready when you wake up, you will hardly find one on many of these inexpensive coffee maker models. Furthermore, this coffee maker brews quite fast, and so you will hardly ever need a timer.

Q: Does it make strong coffee?

A: It depends on how strong you like your coffee because in many instances coffee strength can be quite subjective. However, Bunn uses a highly efficient spray head that ensures maximum and optimal flavor extraction, and so you can be confident that this coffee maker will brew some highly flavorful coffee.

Should I Buy this Product?

Anyone on the lookout for a good old drip coffee maker that does not cost much and is not too fancy or complicated to use, the Bunn BTX-B is worth trying out.

To make this an even better coffee maker, it has a decent 10-cup capacity which means it will work well for most households, and it makes coffee in just 3 minute which is fast enough for most users.

This coffee maker will also not take up a lot of space in your kitchen and with it around, you will never have to take cold coffee as it will come with a vacuum insulated carafe to keep the brews hot.

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