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5 Best Travel Coffee Kits of 2020

Best Travel Coffee Kit

As a coffee lover, traveling does not mean you have to skip your daily dose of caffeine as you can still make and enjoy some nice brews from anywhere as all you need is to have the best travel coffee kit.

A coffee travel kit includes everything that you need to make coffee when on the go. And besides allowing you to make coffee from anywhere, the kit will also ensure you do not have to spend a fortune to buy coffee shop coffee on the go.

But, given that coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages globally, it should be obvious that travel coffee kits are highly sought after. What this means is that there are all kinds of kits available in the market.

The variety of options is a good thing, but it can also make the choice harder for you given that most look good enough.

But, in this piece, we aim to make things easier for you by first highlighting the essentials of a good travel coffee kit and then reviewing 5 top-rated options to help you narrow down your options.

What a Travel Coffee Kit Includes

Travel coffee kits will include different components depending on where you buy it from, but whatever you choose should have all the essentials that you need to make coffee easily and conveniently when on-the-go.

To make sure that the kit you buy will give you an easier time making coffee whether you are backpacking, camping or in a hotel room in a foreign country, it should have the following things.

1. Travel Coffee Maker

A travel coffee maker is what will do the actual coffee brewing, and so it will be vital for any kit. Depending on the kit you are buying, you can get different kinds of travel coffee makers.

The most common options are French press, AeroPress, pour over and the small and portable hand-operated espresso makers.

The right coffee maker for you will depend on the kind of coffee you prefer to take and also the volume you intend to brew. If you prefer strong and rich coffee and are a heavy coffee drinker, a kit with a French press coffee maker will be perfect.

2. Coffee Beans

You cannot make coffee without coffee beans, and so your travel kit should also include them. While many manufacturers will not offer them as part of the package, it is important to make sure that you get them separately as you assemble your coffee travel kit.

While you can always buy pre-ground coffee which will also save you the need for carrying a grinder around, any true coffee lover will tell you that nothing beats coffee brewed from freshly ground beans.

But, also make sure that your coffee beans are properly packaged because air and moisture can ruin them.

3. Coffee Grinder

Coffee making, whether you are at home or on the go, always starts with grinding the beans, and so any good kit should include a coffee grinder.

When it comes to the grinder, whatever you get needs to not only be easily portable but also effective in providing the grind fineness you need for your particular brewing method.

Also, the mode of powering the coffee grinder matters a lot because some like the electric grinders cannot be used in the wilderness where there is no power supply.

In most instances, a manual coffee grinder with multiple grind settings that also comes in a compact and lightweight size will be the best for your travel coffee kit.

4. Travel Mug/Thermos

When traveling, you will not have time to make a cup of coffee every time you feel like it and the situation might not also allow it.

Hence, as you are shopping for a travel coffee kit, you should also make sure that it comes with a travel mug or thermos to help you keep the beverage hot for later consumption.

Some like the French press can have a beaker with double walls for insulation that will double up as a travel mug. But, some kits will just include a separate travel mug or thermos.

5. Kettle

The best travel coffee kit also needs to include a kettle because you need to heat up water to make coffee whether you are using a French press, AeroPress or pour-over.

While a larger kettle might seem like a good idea given that it will heat up a lot of water at a go, it might not be very travel-friendly. Consequently, something more compact an lightweight but with a decent capacity is the best option.

Also, a stovetop kettle that you can heat up over a campfire or stove is a better option than the electric types which can only be used where there is electricity.

And make sure that the kettle is made from durable materials that can take a beating and withstand the abuse that comes with traveling.

6. Other Optional Things

There are some other things that might not be necessary to have on a travel coffee kit but can still be great to have as they will improve your coffee making experience on the go.

These optional things include a coffee scale to help you measure the coffee beans/grinds to use and a scoop for scooping the grinds.

A cleaning brush can also be very useful as it makes cleanup easier, and so would be a carry bag or case as it will make the kit easier to pack and carry.

5 Best Travel Coffee Kits – Review




Handpresso Outdoor Set

1. Handpresso Outdoor Set (Best Espresso Travel Kit)

  • Perfect kit for espresso lovers
  • Insulated thermos included to keep coffee hot
  • Comes with nice espresso shot glasses
  • Solid travel case
Huckberry Deluxe Travel Coffee Kit

2. Huckberry Deluxe Travel Coffee Kit (Best AeroPress Travel Coffee Kit)

  • Top quality complete AeroPress kit
  • Super easy to use
  • Delivers some rich and flavorful coffee
  • Well-built and durable components
Prima Coffee Travel Kit

3. Prima Coffee Travel Kit (Has Kettle)

  • Kit includes a handy kettle
  • Delivers rich and flavorful coffee
  • Super easy to use hand mill
  • Easy to clean up and portable
Cafflano All-in-one Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker

4. Cafflano CAFKLBL01 (Best Pour-Over Travel Coffee Kit)

  • Fast and easy to use pour-over coffee maker
  • Comes complete with everything you need
  • Highly portable and easy to clean
Soulhand All-in-one Travel Coffee Maker

5. Soulhand All-in-One Travel Coffee Maker (Best Budget)

  • Relatively more affordable
  • More travel-friendly coffee kit
  • High quality materials
  • Straightforward to use


1. Handpresso Outdoor Set 

(Best Espresso Travel Kit)

Handpresso Outdoor Set
  • Perfect kit for espresso lovers
  • Insulated thermos included to keep coffee hot
  • Comes with nice espresso shot glasses
  • Solid travel case

2. Huckberry Deluxe Travel Coffee Kit 

(Best AeroPress Travel Coffee Kit)

Huckberry Deluxe Travel Coffee Kit
  • Top quality complete AeroPress kit
  • Super easy to use
  • Delivers some rich and flavorful coffee
  • Well-built and durable components

3. Prima Coffee Travel Kit 

(Has Kettle)

Prima Coffee Travel Kit
  • Kit includes a handy kettle
  • Delivers rich and flavorful coffee
  • Super easy to use hand mill
  • Easy to clean up and portable

4. Cafflano CAFKLBL01 

(Best Pour-Over Travel Coffee Kit)

Cafflano All-in-one Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker
  • Fast and easy to use pour-over coffee maker
  • Comes complete with everything you need
  • Highly portable and easy to clean

5. Soulhand All-in-One Travel Coffee Maker 

(Best Budget)

Soulhand All-in-one Travel Coffee Maker
  • Relatively more affordable
  • More travel-friendly coffee kit
  • High quality materials
  • Straightforward to use

1. Handpresso Outdoor Set – Best Espresso Travel Kit

Handpresso Outdoor Set

Photo: Handpresso

  • Kit Contents: Hand-operated espresso maker, thermos-insulated flask, espresso shot glasses and carry case

For the many coffee drinkers that cannot go even a single day without one or a couple of shots of espresso, this Handpresso set will take care of your needs when on the go.

It is a nice travel espresso kit that comes with a hand-operated pump with a pressure gauge to allow you to determine when you hit that perfect pressure for excellent extraction.

And it will also include a thermos-insulated flask to allow you to carry hot water for your brew which in turn eliminates the need to drag around bulky kettles.

You will also never have to carry larger coffee mugs or cups with you as it will come with some nice espresso shot glasses. And everything is contained in a highly durable and spacious carry case for easy transportation.

Getting sufficient pressure does take quite some muscle power, but this is still an easy-to-use espresso maker that almost anyone including kids can use effectively.


  • Quick brewing pump
  • Pressure gauge allows for more precise extraction
  • Thermos flask eliminates the need for a kettle
  • Solid travel case included


  • Pumping pressure takes some muscle power
  • Plastic pump handle feels a little flimsy

2. Huckberry Deluxe Travel Coffee Kit – Best AeroPress Travel Coffee Kit

Huckberry Deluxe Travel Coffee Kit

Photo: Huckberry

  • Kit Contents: AeroPress, coffee beans, grinder, travel mug and carry bag

Whether you are out in the woods camping, traveling in an RV or even in a hotel room somewhere, you can trust this Huckberry coffee kit to make some amazing brews for you.

It is a complete AeroPress travel coffee kit that is not only super easy to use but will also come with everything you need to make coffee on the go.

Besides the AeroPress which delivers rich and full flavor coffee in just 30 seconds, this kit will include some perfectly roasted coffee beans for excellent flavor, a mini hand grinder, thermal travel mug and a spacious thermal roll top bag for carrying everything.

Everything in the kit is made from solid materials that include stainless steel, resin, and propylene for maximum durability. 

When compared to other options on our list, this kit is the priciesttravel coffee kit reviews, but given its content and the quality of coffee it delivers, it still comes at a great price tag.


  • High-quality and complete AeroPress kit
  • Super fast coffee making
  • Makes flavorful and low acidity coffee
  • Micro-filter delivers grit-free coffee
  • Travel mug and thermal roll top bag included


  • A little pricier

3. Prima Coffee Travel Kit – Best Travel Kit with Kettle

Prima Coffee Travel Kit

Photo: Prima

  • Kit Contents: AeroPress, grinder, electric kettle, paper filters, filter holder, stirring paddle and scoop

If you hate taking cold or just warm coffee, this Prima coffee travel kit is the perfect choice for you given that it includes an electric kettle to allow you to heat up water immediately before making coffee.

The kit uses AeroPress to make coffee, and so you can be confident of getting rich and flavorful brews. And there is also a stirring paddle, 350 paper filters and a holder and scoop which will all make coffee brewing simpler.

Grinding beans is also a more effortless task given that the hand mill is super easy to use, and many coffee lovers will love the fact that it has different settings to allow them to pick their preferred grind size.

Overall, this kit is also made to last given that everything is made from a solid material, and all the components including the kettle and grinder are super easy to clean up and portable.

Because the electric kettle will require plugging in, it means that this kit will be more appropriate for places with electricity such as a hotel room. However, you can still use it anywhere you like provided you have an alternative way of heating water.


  • Makes some highly flavorful brews
  • Decent capacity kettle
  • Grinder allows for several fineness settings
  • Durable and lightweight plastic components
  • Easy to clean up


  • Electric kettle not ideal for outdoor use
  • No carry bag/case

4. Cafflano CAFKLBL01 – Best Pour-Over Travel Coffee Kit

Cafflano All-in-one Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker

Photo: Cafflano

  • Kit Contents: Drip kettle, grinder, stainless steel filter, and insulated tumbler

Pour-over coffee is one of the fastest and easiest to make which makes it perfect for the on the go individual. And with this Cafflano all-in-one kit, you can make it from almost anywhere.

What makes this one of the best pour-over travel coffee kits is the fact that it includes everything you will need to brew on the go. Also, the durable silicone and stainless steel construction make it an amazing coffee kit.

The all-in-one design incorporates a drip kettle with a decent capacity, a manual grinder with a variety of settings, stainless steel filter that eliminates the need for paper filters to make the coffee maker more environment-friendly and insulated tumbler to keep coffee hot.

With this setup, you can make coffee in as little as 3 minutes. And given that everything fits into one pack and will disassemble easily, portability and clean up is also super easy.

The tumbler lid is not super tight which means that if you are not keen enough it can leak. However, if you fasten it correctly, it will hardly ever leak, and so this should not be a big deal.


  • Fast and easy pour-over brewing
  • More convenient all-in-one design
  • Highly portable and easy to clean up
  • Thermal insulation keeps coffee hot for long
  • Durable stainless steel and silicone construction


  • Tumbler lid should be tighter
  • Drip kettle is not microwave-safe

5. Soulhand All-in-One Travel Coffee Maker – Best Budget Travel Coffee Kit

Soulhand All-in-one Travel Coffee Maker

Photo: Soulhand

  • Kit Contents: Drip kettle, beans hopper, manual grinder, stainless steel filter, thermal tumbler and carry bag

Soulhand makes this travel-friendly all-in-one pour-over coffee maker for the coffee lovers shopping on a budget, and it is the cheapest item among our travel coffee kit reviews.

The design incorporates everything you need to make coffee which includes a drip kettle, manual grinder, stainless steel filter, and a thermal carafe. And it also comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transportation.

Making coffee is also a more straightforward process that should only take a few minutes, and given that the parts are detachable and washable, clean up is also super easy.

You can be confident that the coffee maker will last long and is safe to use given that it is made from high-quality and FDA-approved ABS and stainless steel materials. To give you further assurances that it will last, the company backs it with a lifetime warranty.

Given its size, this kit will only make small amounts of coffee at a go, but since it makes coffee quite fast, you can easily brew for several people within a short time.


  • Convenient all-in-one design
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Relatively more affordable
  • Durable, FDA-approved materials
  • Simple to use and clean up


  • Smaller brewing capacity
  • Still requires you to heat water separately

How to Buy the Best Travel Coffee Kit

Coffee travel kits are always becoming more and more popular as coffee lovers try to find ways of getting their caffeine dose on the go. And while there are many kits out there, not all will serve to well. Hence, to ensure you pick the best one when shopping you need to watch out for the following things.

1. Kit Composition

One of the first and perhaps most important things to consider when choosing a coffee travel kit is what you get in the kit you buy.

A good kit should provide everything you will need to make coffee on the go from the coffee maker to grinder and even the coffee grinds.

Look for a kit that will at least have these basics components, but those that will have some extras such as a carry case will even be better.

2. Ease of Use

A complicated travel coffee kit will not be very appropriate for making coffee on the go because you will in most instances not have a lot of time to spare for coffee making.

Something that is straightforward to use like the French press and does not take a lot of time to make coffee like a pour-over will give you and easier time.

3. Portability

Your choice of travel coffee kit should also consider how easy it will be to carry around because the kit will be of no use to you if it is not portable enough.

Luckily, most travel coffee kits are designed to be easy to pack and carry which makes them more portable to ensure you take them anywhere.

4. Brand

Buying any coffee appliance from a reputable brand increase the likelihood of getting something reliable and high-quality.

Like with any other coffee appliance, there are some brands that are known for making and selling good travel coffee kits. And they include Huckberry, Prima and Cafflano.

Even if you do not know a lot about coffee travel kits, you will always be better off buying from these top brands.

5. Price

No matter how convenient and useful travel coffee kits might be, you will not want to spend a fortune to own one. Hence, when shopping, you will also need to consider the price.

You can get a basic travel coffee kit for under $50 but some high-end models will retail for at least $100 or more.

When it comes to the price, you need to decide what you want in your kit, come up with a budget and then look for something that will offer you what you need at the best price.


A travel coffee kit is one of the best things that can happen to a coffee aficionado as it will allow you to get your caffeine-fix from anywhere.

But, these kits are available in several types and models from almost all the reputable coffee equipment manufacturers, and so getting the best travel coffee kit will require you to have the right information.

But, once you understand what a travel coffee kit should include and use our top 5 travel coffee kit reviews for recommendations, finding something for your travel should be super easy.

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