5 Best Jura Espresso Machines – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Jura Espresso Machine

As a true espresso fanatic, you should already know about Jura espresso machines because the chances are that at some point you have ogled at one of their machines or already have or are planning to by one in future.

Owning the best Jura espresso machine is one of the things that most espresso lovers dream about as these machines make some of the highest quality and best-tasting espressos.

The sleek-looking and high-end Jura coffee maker is the true definition of luxury when it comes to coffee makers, and they are a product by Jura Elektroapparate AP, a Swiss company that has been in business since 1931.

Jura is known to be at the forefront of espresso making technology and their machines are some of the most technologically advanced in the market. They are also made with high-quality materials and will mostly come in either fully or super automatic models.

Given that Jura has dozens of espresso machines in the market, here we provide reviews and a buying guide to help you choose the best models. But first, check out our overview of the key technologies that make Jura espresso machines stand out.

Brief Glossary of Jura Technologies

As an industry leader in the manufacture of espresso machines, Jura has invested a lot in research and product development. And in the process, they have come up with advanced technologies that they have incorporated in their machines for enhanced performance and user experience.

Some of the key technologies that you can expect from the best Jura coffee machines and also what sets them apart from the many cheap espresso makers in the market include the following.

#1. Aroma+ Grinder

Aroma+ is the grinder that you will find in most Jura coffee makers, and it is designed to offer the best bean to brew experience.

This highly efficient grinder will gently grind the whole coffee beans into fine grounds that are perfect for making espresso.

The grinder makes use of stainless steel burrs that provide quick, quiet and gentle grinding so that you always end up with rich and flavorful espressos.

Also, another element that makes the Aroma+ grinder amazing is that it comes with clear and precise instructions to make it easy even for beginners to get the perfect grind size.

#2. CLARIS Filter System

When using most Jura espresso machines, you will never have to go through the hassle of treating the machine with chemical additives that can leave an after taste.

And this is because they are fitted with a highly efficient CLARIS filter system which has an anti-scaling technology that filters out the hard minerals in the water and ensures it does not build up on the heating element.

Besides eliminating the need for using chemicals to clean up your coffee maker, this filter system also helps to prevent damages to the heating element as a result of mineral build up and hence essentially prolonging the machines service life.


As you shop for a Jura coffee machine, IPBAS which are initials for Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System is another term you are likely to come across.

IPBAS is a unique and highly efficient pre-infusion system that you will get in most top Jura coffee makers, and it is one of the key reasons why these coffee makers make such amazing brews.

This pre-infusion technology comes into play after the beans grinding stage, and it helps to bring out the full flavor in the grounds by adding a little water to them.

#4. PEP

PEP or Pulse Extraction Process is what follows IPBAS, and its main role is to optimize the extraction of coffee from the grinds.

This technology is even included in some of the basic and relatively affordable Jura espresso machines, and it also ensures even and precise shot pulling.

PEP achieves all this by managing the level of the hot water and pumping it through the grounds according to the specific requirements of the particular drink you are making.

#5. Fine Foam Technology

For the latte and cappuccino lovers, the fine foam technology will be one of the most impressive technologies on the Jura coffee makers.

This technology is designed to make it easy to get professional quality microfoam on your espresso-based milk beverages.

It achieves the perfect microfoam by frothing the milk twice in separate chambers and then distributing it to the milk-based beverages slowly and more evenly.

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5 Best Jura Espresso Machines – Reviews

Product Name




Current Price

1. Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine

More budget friendly 1-cup Jura coffee maker with multi-level grinder, micro brewing unit, touch control panel, high energy efficiency and comes in an ultra-compact and space saving design


2. Jura 15068 Impressa C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura 15068 Impressa C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

An excellent quality machine with fine foam frother, simple one-switch operation, height adjustable spout, high-pressure pump and allows for easy coffee strength adjustment


3. Jura 15116 ENA Micro 90 Espresso Machine

Jura 15116 ENA Micro 90 Espresso Machine

A more compact Jura coffee machine that still has a lot to offer including a high-performance 15-bar pump, pulse extraction process, fine foam technology, aroma G3 grinder and will allow for infinite coffee strength variability


4. Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

Well-built and feature-rich under $2,000 Jura machine with a total of 20 coffee strength settings, multi-level Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, and the intelligent pre-brew aroma system


5. Jura 15093 Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura 15093 Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Professional quality and commercial grade espresso machine with Pulse Extraction Process, innovative nozzle technology, self-explanatory and intuitive controls and are also designed to be super easy to maintain


Best budget Jura coffee machine

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Water Tank Capacity: 36.8 ounces
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 4.4 ounces
  • Grinder Type: Multi-level conical

For the homeowners on the market for a highly reliable but still affordable single-cup espresso machine, Jura's Ena Micro 1 will be a perfect pick.

This top-rated Jura espresso machine uses a multi-level grinder that works with the micro brewing unit to deliver some fantastic espressos.

Operating this ultra-compact machine is easy as it also has an easy to use touch panel with three cup size settings and two aroma settings to make it easy for coffee lovers to select their preferred beverages.

Like many other Jura machines, this coffee maker has also been designed to be more environmentally-friendly as it has automatic energy saving mode, programmable switch-off timer and zero-energy switch for maximum energy efficiency.

But, ultimately what will make this one of the best budget Jura espresso machines is its smaller price tag, feature-rich design and the fact that it takes up little counter space.

The 4.4-ounce bean hopper capacity is relatively small given that many top-of-the-line Jura espresso machines will have at least double that. However, for a compact single-cup espresso machine, it should still be enough. 


  • User-friendly touch control panel
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Smaller been hopper capacity
  • Can only make one cup at a time

Best Jura machine for milk-based beverage

Editor's Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Jura 15068 Impressa C65 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Water Tank Capacity: 63.6 ounces
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 7.1 ounces
  • Grinder Type: Aroma+ conical

If you love some nice foam on your coffee, Impressa C65 is the perfect coffee machine for you given that it comes with the revolutionary fine foam frother that delivers high-quality foam with perfect consistency.

This amazing Jura coffee machine also uses a high-performing pump that will deliver up to 15 bars of pressure to ensure excellent and consistent extraction.

The Thermoblock heating system will ensure that this coffee maker will be ready to use in seconds and also eliminate wait between cups by maintaining the ideal brewing temperature.

Users will also love the simple one switch operation as it will make coffee making more straightforward and the height adjustable spout that will allow you to brew into taller mugs and cups.

Other things like the compact design and elegant finish, hot water function and the energy save mode also help to make this a fantastic coffee machine.

While this coffee maker is louder than what some users might like, the noise only takes some getting used to as you will hardly get a top of the line coffee maker that is completely silent.


  • High-pressure pump
  • Easily adjustable coffee strength
  • Simple one switch operation
  • Convenient height-adjustable spout
  • Highly efficient milk frother


  • A little Louder
  • Can be picky with the beans

Best compact Jura coffee machine

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Jura 15116 ENA Micro 90 Espresso Machine
  • Water Tank Capacity: 36.8 ounces
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 4.4 ounces
  • Grinder Type: Aroma G3

Jura packs their highly advanced features into a compact and space-saving housing to create their high-performing ENA Micro 90 coffee machine.

Key among the things that make it one of the best Jura coffee machines is the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) that optimizes the extraction for the best quality espressos.

The coffee maker also uses the fast and highly consistent Aroma G3 grinder to ensure that the coffee beans will always be optimally ground. And with the advanced fine foam technology, you will always get the best foam for your milk-based coffee beverages.

Also, the high-performance 15-bar pump ensures you get the best extraction, and this coffee maker will also provide some easy and intuitive controls and an infinitely variable coffee strength setting.

While the self-cleaning function seems to use up a lot of water, this should not be a deal breaker as it does not affect the quality of coffee that you get or the ease of use.


  • Optimized extraction process
  • Fast and consistent grinder
  • Excellent milk foam
  • Infinitely variable coffee strength
  • Easy and intuitive operations


  • Self-cleaning function uses a lot of water
  • Relatively smaller bean hopper capacity

Best Jura espresso machine under $2,000

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Water Tank Capacity: 64.2 ounces
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 9.9 ounces
  • Grinder Type: 6-Level Aroma G3

Spending a little more cash on your Jura coffee maker will ensure you end up with something more high-performing like the Jura E8.

But despite this being a relatively expensive coffee maker, it is still one of the best Jura automatic espresso machines you can get for under $2,000.

The coffee maker uses the highly efficient Aroma G3 grinder with 6 setting levels to ensure the coffee beans will always be ground optimally. And it also has a Pulse Extraction Process and a high-pressure pump to ensure excellent extraction.

Customizing your coffee strength is also made easy by the total of 20 programmable settings, and with the TFT color screen, the controls should also be more intuitive.

Although this espresso machine has fine foam technology, the milk does not seem to get hot enough for beverages like hot chocolate, but for coffee-based brews, it will be perfect.


  • Multiple programmable coffee strength options
  • Optimized extraction time
  • Delivers optimally ground coffee every time
  • More efficient pre-infusion system
  • Super easy to use controls


  • Milk does not get very hot

Best commercial-grade Jura espresso machine

Editor's Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

Jura 15093 Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Water Tank Capacity: 81.2 ounces
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 9.9 ounces
  • Grinder Type: Professional Aroma

With a top-of-the-line Jura coffee machine like this one on your kitchen counter, making espresso will be quick and easy and you can always be sure if getting the best tasting brews.

Like most other high-end Jura machines, it uses Pulse Extraction Process to ensure maximum extraction of all flavors and aromas. And with the professional Aroma grinder, the grinds that get to the extraction stage will also be perfect in size and consistency.

This coffee machine also has the largest water reservoir among our Jura espresso machine reviews. With its 81.2-ounce water reservoir, you can make several espressos before refilling. And it also has large enough 9.9-ounce bean hopper.

Coffee lovers will also like the fact that this machine comes with an innovative nozzle that provides the best milk foam and that it has some intuitive and conveniently located controls.

The price is the biggest turn off with this coffee machine given that it is the priciest on our list, but for a high-end professional quality Jura coffee maker it will provide value for every buck.


  • Highly efficient extraction system
  • Larger water reservoir
  • Simple one-touch button maintenance
  • Fully automated foam to milk switch
  • Conveniently located and intuitive controls


  • Relatively more expensive
  • Non-removable brewing unit makes maintenance more hectic

How to Buy the Best Jura Espresso Machines​

How to Buy the Best Jura Espresso Machines​

Given that Jura coffee machines are some of the most expensive in the market, you need to take extra caution when shopping for one to ensure that you do not end up wasting your hard earned cash.

To make sure that you find a perfect Jura machine, you should consider the following factors when choosing between the dozens of options currently on the market.

#1. Price

Jura espresso machines are generally quite expensive, and so you cannot afford to buy one blindly. Hence, the first step should always be to come up with a budget.

Typically Jura coffee machines will cost anywhere between $700 and $5,000, but some top-of-the-line models can still retail for a little more than this.

Also, you can still find a more affordable Jura espresso machine than this given that the company also offers refurbished or factory serviced machines that are cheaper but still function like new.

When it comes to the price, the right idea is to come up with a budget, decide the features that you want and then look for something with as many of those features as possible but still within your budget.

#2. Size

Since Jura coffee makers are more feature-rich, technology advanced and made from top-notch materials, one can rightfully expect them to be quite large to accommodate all this.

But, surprisingly many models come in a compact and more space-saving design and will be perfect for home users that do not have a lot of counter space to spare.

However, for those that want something for commercial use or home users that have a lot of space, a larger machine will be better since it will have a larger capacity and will often also be more feature-rich.

#3. Style

A good Jura espresso machine for you is one that comes in an appealing style and will add some aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Luckily, almost all their machines will come in a sleek and attention-grabbing style with some nice color combinations and an excellent finish.

When it comes to the style, what you choose from the many Jura machines is up to your personal preferences, and it will depend on the current kitchen decor.

But, the important thing is to make sure the style complements and enhances the space and will not make the machine look awkward and out of place.

#4. Maintenance

Like with any other coffee maker type and brand, you still need to maintain these machines to ensure they continue producing great quality beverages and last long.

The good news is that Jura seems to do a very good job when it comes to user convenience and most of their coffee makers will require little to no maintenance.

Their machines have a self-cleaning mechanism that will help keep common problems like scale build-up in check. However, you will still need to buy the appropriate cleaning solution and remember to run the cleaning cycle regularly.

#5. Other Features

There are some other features that you get on Jura machines which might be important to you depending on your specific situation, but for other users, they might not make much difference.

Key among these features is Auto Start which will be very useful for espresso drinkers that are always on the go and want to find their coffee ready when they wake up.

Also, a Jura coffee machine with brew programmable options can also be great as it can allow you to customize your cup of coffee further.


There is no doubt that Jura espresso machines will make some of the best-tasting coffee, but these top-of-the-line coffee makers are also some of the most expensive. Hence, when picking one model from their many options, you need to make sure you get the best one.

But, finding the best Jura espresso machine should be easy if you know the technologies and features that you want and watch out for things like price, size, maintenance and style.

And you also do not have to look through all their dozens of models to choose one as our top 5 Jura espresso machine reviews will help narrow down your options. 

Regardless of the kind of espresso drinker you are or how you intend to use your Jura machine, you can be sure that there is at least one machine from our reviews that will suit your needs.