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Keurig K475 Vs. K575: Which One is Better?

The current coffee maker market is full of some amazing products, and there is something for everyone out there. One brand that seems to provide countless options when it comes to different kinds of coffee makers is Keurig. Keurig has a reputation of making some high-quality, feature-rich and easy to use machines that makes some amazing […]

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10 Best Reusable K Cups [2020]

The convenience and novelty of the single-serve coffee machine are hard to beat, and these coffee machines have completely revolutionized how people make and enjoy coffee at home. However, most of their users tend to overlook one huge problem that comes with these machines, and this is the production of massive plastic wastage. But, over the […]

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8 Best Smart Coffee Makers [2020]

Whether you prefer single-serve pods coffee or a full carafe of drip coffee, a smart coffee maker will be very useful as it will offer more convenience and high customization. Smart coffee makers are simply coffee makers that can be wirelessly connected to your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets through WiFi or Bluetooth. These […]

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