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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker Review

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker Review


With its lightweight and more compact design, the AeroPress 83R20 is a highly portable coffee maker that will be perfect for any coffee lover looking for something convenient to use when traveling, camping or backpacking.

But, besides easy portability, another great value that you get from this coffee maker is that it makes some delicious and full-flavor coffee and espressos to ensure that you can always enjoy some delightful brews no matter where you might be.


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • More durable components
  • Makes some more delicious full-flavor coffee
  • Easy to take apart and cleanup
  • Delivers a clean, grit-free cup of coffee


  • Using it comes with a  steeper learning curve
  • Smaller coffee-making capacity
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Features and Specs

  • Rapid total immersion brewing technology
  • Microfilter to deliver a grit-free cup
  • Durable and BPA-free plastic components
  • Brews both regular coffee and espresso
  • Zippered nylon tote bag for easy portability
  • Free scoop and stirrer included

Product Overview

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Photo: AeroPress

The AeroPress coffee maker is one of the best options for anyone looking for a reliable manual espresso maker that can also work well on the go. And while every user seems to have something that they like most about the AeroPress, the following are some of its most outstanding traits,

Delivers More Flavorful Brews

Anyone that has used the AeroPress before will admit that it makes some of the finest quality coffee and espressos. For those with enough experience using this appliance, it can even make better espressos than when using the automatic espresso makers.

Despite this being a relatively simple appliance, it makes use of an efficient rapid total immersion brewing process that allows for maximum extraction of most of the flavor oils from the coffee beans and hence resulting in a more delicious full flavor coffee with no bitterness.

And while other manual coffee makers like the Zyliss E990001U travel French press will still make flavorful and bold coffee, they come with the risk of over-extraction which can result in bitter-tasting coffee a risk that you will not have to face with the AeroPress

Durable and Easy to Clean Components

Provided you take good care of your AeroPress, you can be confident it will serve you well for a long time as it features some highly durable components. Although the parts are mostly plastic, they are still designed to last a long time and can withstand the occasional drops.

However, it is worth noting that while the AeroPress might be highly durable, it is still not as tough and indestructible like the classic Moka pots such as Bialetti 06799.

Better yet, there are no hard to reach places in an AeroPress coffee maker which is often an issue with others like the French press which means cleanup will be fast and easy. Other manual travel coffee makers like the Espro 5012C-15BK can take a little more effort to clean given that the filter traps a lot of ground.

Easy to Pack and Carry

The small size of the AeroPress coffee maker means it will be super easy to carry around which makes it great for use on the go. But, besides its small size, this is also an easy coffee maker to take apart and pack for your travels.

And since it does not require any electricity to work, you can use it from anywhere. Better yet, this coffee maker will come with a nylon tote bag that makes it even easier to carry around.

Although there are many other great coffee makers out there for use when traveling, some like the Coffee Gator pour-over coffee maker come with a glass beaker than is quite delicate and hence making it harder to carry while others like Bialetti 06799 can take up a lot of room on your travel bag.

More Versatile

You can use your AeroPress coffee maker to make both regular coffee and espresso which means it will work for a majority of coffee drinkers regardless of the beverage they prefer.

The process for making the brews is similar and you will only need to alter the ingredient quantity depending on the beverage you are making. And to make things even better both beverages will only take a couple of minutes at most to brew.

While it is also possible to make espresso on the French press coffee makers like the Oxo Brew Venture, the taste will not be the same, and the brew will not be as bold and strong as what you get on the AeroPress.

Fairly Priced

Despite being a little pricier when compared to other travel coffee makers like the super cheap Zyliss E990001U, the AeroPress 83R20 coffee maker is still fairly priced.

In most online retail stores, it will go for under $50 which makes it one of the cheapest types of espresso makers, and so with this appliance, you not only get an efficient coffee maker but also do it without spending much.


Q: Is this an expensive coffee maker?

A: No, while it might not retail for under $10 like the Zyliss E990001U, this coffee maker is still fairly priced. For an espresso maker, the AeroPress 83R20 is among the cheapest options out there, and this is more so given that it still makes some rich, bold and highly flavorful brews.

Q: Will this coffee maker give a clean cup of coffee?

A: Yes, you can be confident that you will get a cleaner and grit-free coffee when using this coffee maker because unlike the French press types that use a mesh filter, it makes use of a highly efficient microfilter that will trap even the smallest grinds. And the set up includes two filter papers to ensure no coffee grits sneak through.

Q: How long does it take to make coffee?

A: It depends, but typically when making espresso, it will take just 30 seconds to pull a short but regular coffee takes about 1 minute to make. However, note that the total coffee making time is relatively longer than this just like with other coffee-making methods given that you need to do preparations like heating water and setting up the AeroPress.

Q: Should I buy this for more than one coffee drinker?

A: Yes, given the smaller capacity, one might think that the AeroPress will only work well for individual use which is not necessarily true as it can also work for multiple users given the faster brew time. It might not have a large capacity like the 32-ounce Oxo Brew Venture, but it can make up to 3 cups of coffee at a go which is good enough for a small group.

Q: Does it have a plastic taste?

A: No, despite being completely plastic, this coffee maker will not give your coffee a plastic taste or odor. But, to prevent this, you will need to wash the parts thoroughly with warm water when new before using it.

Should I Buy this Product?

There is no doubt that the AeroPress 83R20 is a great coffee maker and its ever-growing popularity is enough proof of this as more and more coffee lovers are embracing its convenience and flavorful coffee.

Hence, if you are looking for a portable coffee maker that can also brew some flavorful espressos, it will be a great pick for you as you can easily take it apart and pack it for your travels. But, like with many other coffee makers, it will come with a steep learning curve, and so you should be ready to learn to perfect the art.

And contrary to what many users tend to assume, this coffee maker can also work for more than one person given the faster brew time and that it makes up to 3 cups at a go.

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